How to Tornado kick

A jump spin inside kick.

How to Tornado kick video:

Why learn the Tornado kick?

The tornado kick (and 360 kick) are the most basic jump spin kicks you can possibly do. You specifically need the tornado kick for cool tricks like the 540 kick, Sideswipe, Ch. 720 kick, and many many more!

Learning the Tornado kick

Learning is intuitive and simple.  Just watch the video above and emulate.  Then read the step by step guide below:

How to Tornado kick step by step














How to train the tornado kick into a 540 kick

Really, if you're getting into tricking, the whole purpose of learning the tornado kick is to turn it into a 540 kick. Train your tornado kicks until they are merely good enough to begin trying 540 kicks. They do not have to be perfect.  In fact, my tornado kick looks the way it does NOT from endlessly drilling the tornado kick.  My tornado kick looks the way it does because I moved up and learned the 540 kick.  Training the 540 kick has made my tornado kick better than it could have ever become had I only been drilling tornado kicks.  And training the 540 kick involves more than just tornado kicking and hoping you land on the kicking leg.

Variations to play with

You can do this move using a front kick, inside crescent, or round kick for the kick. You can also manipulate it into a split front kick or a simple split kick. You can even do a tornado side kick with this setup.  Try different things. And one day, when you're up for it, try doing more difficult things with your tornado kick, like using it in the tornado kick_2_aerial combo.

My experience learning to tornado kick

Well. I got this move my first few tries when I was a pudgy, yellow belt, fourteen year old kid in Taekwondo class. Then I crashed 540 kicks for six months until I landed that. And that's it!

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  • Jon Call on

    Swing through Kale.

  • omar ali on

    i just wanna know if you can train me please

    phone call is 6124814898

  • Ahiley on

    Hey, I’m 17years old male. I really got interested in this types of fighting moves and would really like to know, do you need to know how to do splits in order to do any of the leg raise moves (e.g facing your opponent and lifting your right leg and hitting him on the face, sorry for my English) please let me know

  • Jon Call on

    Hi Ahiley,

    Absolutely not. You do not need the splits to do any tricks except the ones that “land on the ground” in the splits position. :-P And about the only trick the splits really help you with is the aerial, and you don’t need it for the aerial it just helps it look nicer.

    Take care!

    - Juji

  • Jon Call on

    The fei long kick has a takeoff where you jump off both legs simultaneously. This tornado kick has a lot of lift with the non-kicking leg, but since it uses the cheat setup (1 foot at a time) it’s still just a tornado kick. Oh, and the more lift the better for the non-kicker. But if you focus on increasing lift focus also on pulling the leg ACROSS. If you focus only on lifting it straight up in front as high as possible it can screw you up.

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