How to Doubleleg

basic trick tutorial

A jump where the legs are brought straight up together and arc over.  The jump takes off and lands on both feet together.

How to Doubleleg video:

Here is a popular video I did in 2005 for the Doubleleg.

Methods of learning a Doubleleg

There are a few methods of learning a doubleleg.

Bent knee Doubleleg

This method is very effective and I used it with great success.  What you do is try the doubleleg except you keep your knees bent.  It's easier to doubleleg when only half of your legs are moving through.  Training the doubleleg this way makes it easier to jump and save yourself if you mess up the move.  You get used to perfecting your takeoff and air awareness without having to deal with the doubleleg in full.

Doubleleg over stuff

This method works for a lot of people.  Set up a barrier you can doubleleg over.  Do this at a gym where there are lots of foam structures and blocks. Preferably something you can roll over.

Sectional gymnastics mat

Find a bunch of mats and crap at a gymnastics gym to stack up.  The higher the better.  You want it high enough so that you have to "jump" up to it.  If it's lower than your neck height it's too low.  Once you build something out of your mats, keep jumping up and rolling over it.  Try doing this with your knees bent (the bent knee method explained above).

360 kick turned into a Double leg


If the above picture doesn't spark interest it should.  Notice how at the beginning of both my 360 kick and my Double leg, my body is in pretty much the same position when both my feet leave the ground.  This should give you a clue to how important the 360 kick is as a prerequisite for the double leg.  In fact, I'll go so far as to say the people with the BEST double legs all learned it using their 360 kick as their foundation.

Go learn a 360 kick here.

To turn your 360 kick into a double leg, simply start landing your 360 kick on the kicking leg.  Then modify it to become a feilong kick (which is a 360 kick landed on the kicking leg with an inside kick with the other leg before landing).  Finally, begin putting the feet together in the air.  Practicing your double leg this way, combined with the methods of bent-knee double'legging and using mats to jump and roll over will have you double legging soon enough.

How to Double leg step by step:






















Jujimufu's primary tips for Double leg success:

  • Keep your body and focus toward the front as long as possible before jumping.

  • When you jump, try to jump UP.  Keep your body UPRIGHT.

  • Do not try to bring your legs up.

  • Focus on getting your setup progressing in a way where your legs come up automatically.

  • Your legs should come up automatically, you shouldn't have to bring them up.

  • When learning the double leg focus more on getting up high instead of clearing objects.

  • Don't worry about making your body horizontal.  That happens automatically.

  • Bring your arms around and through.

  • Try to get your arms close to your body as your legs begin to rise.

My experience with the Double leg:

I was watching a lot of Yellwboy's clips when I decided I wanted the double leg. I printed out his tutorial, and worked myself into it in steps. I started doing a bent knee double leg. I followed all the instructions except I kept my knees bent.  It worked great!  Finally I started working with my legs straight just like a double leg. It wasn't hard, it was kind of cool. I simply payed attention to my technique a lot, and took it in small steps.

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  • Taegashi on

    I will say that this has always been the most difficult trick for me to do mostly due to back flexibility, but really if you follow what is written, it’ll come out right. Other big obstacle to overcome is just have faith that it’ll come out if you do everything right from the start.

  • Jon Call on

    Your double leg was good man!

  • Josiah on

    Do the pants up your tricking powers? :D

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  • Kris on

    I really want to know where you got that awesome pants from?!

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