One trick pony training sessions

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A "one trick pony" is defined as:
"a person or thing considered as being limited to only one single talent, capability, quality, etc"

A "one trick pony training session" is:
"a training session limited to one trick, exercise, skill, movement, etc"

Here are some example one trick pony training sessions:

  • Do backhandsprings until bored. Leave.

  • Do the masterscoot from an aerial a bunch of times. Leave.

  • One combo. (B-twist_s/t_gainer). Get a great one on camera. Leave.

  • Weighted pullups, 3 sets of 5 reps with heavy weight. Leave.

  • Deadlifts: work up to a sub-max weight and pull two heavy sets. Leave.

  • Stretch only your hamstrings for 20 minutes. Leave.

  • Pick one thing.  Do it and leave.

What can you do with one trick pony sessions?

Use #1. Get into tricking

People who want to get into tricking should only focus on learning a few tricks at first.  I recommend just one trick.  That's what I did.  All I did the first 6 months I "tricked" was try 540 kicks.  I was doing one trick pony sessions.  If you can't trick and want to learn, pick only one trick and get it first.  Go out and train it and nothing else until you get it.

Use #2. Increase training to twice daily

Going from training three days a week to training everyday of the week is not hard. Going from training once-a-day to training twice-a-day is a bitch no matter who you are. If you want it, you can do it, and one trick pony sessions can help.  Here's how to use this for twice-a-days,

  1. Show up with no intention of having a" training session".

  2. Pick one easy movement you want to work on.

  3. Go into it with the intention of just doing that movement a few times.

When you are moderating your expectations this much, what actually happens is you end up adding more workload voluntarily. What started out as just going out to rep one trick for a little while turns into second tricking session. What started out as a few sets of pullups becomes a cross fit style routine. Then before you know it, you're training twice a day like magic.  It takes roughly two weeks for your body to become accustomed to training twice a day.  And here's a bonus tip: have your second session at least 4 hours after your first session. Not much sooner and not much later than that time window. Too much sooner and you'll still perceive fatigue from your first session. Too much later and your CNS will be de-activated.

Use #3. Make morning exercise less daunting

The difficulty of morning exercise (between 4:30 am- 5:30 am), is solved similarly to what I just described for the two-a-day problem. The trick is moderating your expectations. For example, just showing up to do a little dumbell pressing can turn into a real training session. Don't intend an extensive training session. Just show up for a little bit of one thing: one-trick-pony your morning workouts to keep expectations from ruining a good opportunity to start the day right.  You can read more about morning exercise here.

Use #4. Motivate yourself to trick when you feel terrible

Let's say you want to maintain a regular tricking schedule of some sort.  3 days a week for example.  You're plugging along fine and then all of a sudden your next planned day to trick you feel awful.  You want this session but you don't feel up to it.  The one trick pony is perfect for this.  Just show up, pick one easy movement, and do it a few times.  Combine with quantricking for a good session saver.

Use #5. Make use of limited lunch hour time

I've had some aggravating schedules in my life, and none of them have stopped me from tricking. I think those of you who are intimidated by a new work or school schedule, and are frightened that "the real world" is imposing on your tricking passion need to give the one-trick-pony thing a try. Whatever 20-40 minute window you can find during a day, use it. Pick a trick and go do a bunch of them. Ride a short bend around to a local park and just do a bunch of b-twists.

Jujimufu b-twist

Soon you'll be full swing into a tricking session, and your anti-establishment hormones will surge and you'll say "Fuck it, I'll be late. And you know what, nobody will care anyway. Today's tricking is the most important thing in my life right now and I'm gonna take it and run with it. I just need 15 more minutes. My stupid job can wait.  The whole world can wait."  And it can, and it will, and it must.  The world should wait for you to trick.  Make it wait.

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