No regrets with tricking

advanced tricking mindset

I talk to some ex-trickster friends from my tricking youth who've stopped tricking awhile back, and a lot of them miss tricking.  Some talk about how they want to get back into it or wish they could.  Some have openly expressed envy towards me because I never gave up tricking.  Those ex-tricksters I know who don't necessarily miss tricking have all moved onto something better for them.  Bodybuilding, acrobatics, dancing, music, etc.  All of these ex-tricksters acknowledge the importance that tricking played in their development and the fun they had doing it, they never express regret for the time they spent tricking.  All of them look back upon their time tricking and will say "Yeah I loved it." I don't think there is anybody who has ever spent any considerable amount of time tricking in the outdoors who doesn't still look at big fields and day dream up tricking video ideas.

Tricking walker

As long as you continue to trick, it can be one of the most enviable and important assets you have, precisely because it is useless, yet it is incredibly cool and respectable.  When we are sweet'n'tender old folks, we will look back on our tricking days and recognize the magic of the whole tricking movement. Our tricking sessions will be some of our fondest memories. Mystical moments without concern for utility or advantage. Moments without concern for love, friends, family, money, knowledge and wisdom and philosophy. Moments without concern for the environment or the economy. Moments without concern for food, future, or mermaids. Moments without concern for anything except landing some jump spinny thing without rolling an ankle.

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  • Jon Call on

    Taegashi, tricking is always there for you. Simple aerials and backflips never go out of style man, they’re called “classic tricks” …

  • Manuel on

    This is actually one of the article that I loved the most.
    It’s the mantra I say everytime to myself to each little injury that keeps me distracting from the true meaning of tricking: having fun, and a sort of spiritual peace with all the environment you got around you.

  • DarkLordSpatula on

    Tricking is my drug! I often get teased because, like you said, I daydream about violating every field i see with some sexy tricks. Juji, what have you done to me!? O.o

  • Taegashi on

    This definetly hits home for me

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