How to Aubatido Switch

advanced trick tutorial

This is an aubatido switch,

What you need to aubatido switch:

You need the aubatido on both sides to do this. Enter it with your better aubatido, then switch ending it on your weaker side. For me, the aubatido switch was all about increasing two things,

1. Increasing the momentum of the first aubatido

What I mean by increasing the momentum of the first aubatido is, that, to do this move, you need to enter the first aubatido in a way that if you never planned to switch and try a second aubatido, you'd keep going and fall into a cartwheel or just fall over.

The aubatido itself has a blocking element to it. You go down into it and push back a bit so that you have a split, but you come right back down where you started. When practicing for an aubatido switch, you need to stop doing this blocking. Instead, commit to going through with it. If you keep failing this trick going back where you started, you now know what you're doing wrong.

2. Increasing the speed of execution

After I figured out that I needed to go through with it with some more momentum, I had a problem getting stuck mid switch. I'd just end up in some awkward split hand stand and fall out of it. My friend Jan gave me the KING of tips for the aubatido switch, and the day I used it I was super excited. He told me:

  • It's not #1 aubatido, #2 aubatido.

  • It's not #1 aubatido. #2 aubatido.

  • It's #1aubatido#2aubatido!

What he meant was stop pausing! It's not a comma. It's not a period. Don't think of each aubatido in an aubatido switch as a distinct entity. Think 12 (that's 1 and 2 together, not twelve). Do it fast, one smooth trick. Not two aubatidos, but just one aubatido switch!

Putting it together:

When I did these two things I started getting the hang of the aubatido switch. If you want to create that separation aesthetic, practice it fast anyway. You can always slow it back down or hold back a bit. Start fast and gradually experiment with slowing down to find the right balance, instead of starting slow and gradually speeding it up. So, to get the aubatido switch you've always wanted, try going THROUGH with it and being QUICK with it. (also point your toes!) Good luck! I hope this helps you get your aubatido switch and helps you get a scholarship!

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  • Towels on

    You are one of the only people I’ve ever seen rock this.

    The video where you figure it out is great hahah

    I will spam this in combos!

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