Learn and drill using combos

advanced tricking

Putting a trick you cannot do within a trick combo containing other moves you can already do does at least two positive things:

1. It decreases confusion:

  • Combos boost aggression.

  • You cannot be aggressive and confused simultaneously.

  • So combos decrease confusion by boosting aggression.

When you aren't confusing yourself anymore by over-thinking your trick of interest, you have an opportunity to move forward in the learning process by doing something productive: Tossing it! This is often the most needed thing when trying to get new tricks. Also try snorting ammonia inhalants for further boosts in aggression!

Jujimufu, ammonia inhalant

Jujimufu, ammonia inhalant

2. It increases interest:

When you're crashing your trick of interest in the middle of a combo, it increases the appeal of that trick, because now you're doing something even bigger! Here are some examples:

Example 1 of learning a new trick within a combo: You'd be happy as beans if you could just land a simple b-twist. You're sick of crashing it by having to put your hands on the ground. So then you make a combo out of it: B-twist_(land on hands on ground)_into a backsweep (because your hands can touch the ground on this sweep)_into a hook kick_into a butterfly kick. This will keep your interest up while training your b-twist.

Example 2 of learning a new trick within a combo: You're uncomfortable with the b-twist_s/t_gainer flash. You chicken out 50% of the time. So put something after it: B-twist_s/t_gainer flash_master scoot and aerial stuff... Or a kick. Or something easy right after the gainer flash. Making the combo bigger can prevent you from over-thinking that first piece of the combo. And because it's bigger and cooler, you're more motivated to keep working on it.

We've just discussed Learning tricks by putting them inside combos. What about Drilling tricks by putting them inside combos? Example:

  • hook_ch.900 kick

  • aerial_ch.900 kick

  • ch.900 kick_hook_540 kick

  • b-twist_ch.900 kick

  • cork_hook_aerial_ch.900 kick_hook_ch.720 kick.

  • ch.900 kick_tsunami (stepover hook)_sideswipe

  • ch.900 kick_2_aerial

  • etc.

Every combo above has the ch.900 kick in it. This is a decent way to drill because it staves off boredom!


This approach of learning and drilling tricks by integrating them into combos is not the only approach you should use when seeking spaghetti, but it is one you could be using in addition to the more traditional approaches.

Jujimufu, tricking combos

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