How to Ch.720 kick

Ch. = Cheat.  A “cheat” setup is used to “cheat” a 720 degree rotation with an outside kick.  Also called a 540 hook.

How to Ch. 720 kick video

Here is a video I made in 2004 explaining the ch. 720 kick (540 hook/crescent kick).  Old video, but still great instructions:

Why is it cheated?

In the Ch.720 kick, one leg jumps and the other pumps around. It might sound odd that taking off on only one leg would be cheating, but look at the move and maybe it’ll be more clear: it is NOT 720 degrees.  It’s not even really 540 degrees.  It’s cheated!  But just because it’s cheated doesn’t mean it’s no good: it looks amazing!  This move can become ridiculously effortless overtime and is absolutely wonderful when included in kicking combinations.  The take off for this move is basically the same as a 540 kick take off. I feel that having the 540 before working on this move helped me greatly in getting it down good.

Building up to this move

I would have the 540 kick, a 360 crescent, and a 720 spin. Then start trying to do this move without a kick.  Play around with it until a kick starts coming out naturally, on its own.  The setup is very important.

How to Ch.720 kick step by step


I want to stand with you on a mountain. I want to bathe with you in the sea. I want to kick like this forever.


Pull up your pants.


Wind up.


Okay. So just use your cheat setup like you would a 540 kick or tornado kick.


Zoooooom! Keeping your arms high in the beginning can help later in the trick. Experiment. I find that this “wind up” helps me put more power into the trick.


Keep your eyes on the target. Do not look down, do not look around.


Please note: I am STILL looking at my target. I am digging down. And here we go…


Super important: look at my base foot (jumping foot, right foot here). See where I planted it? Notice which direction my toes and foot are pointing. There will be a quiz on this later so remember that.


Ok pop quiz: which direction is my jumping foot pointed? This is so crucial to this trick, you must turn it this far around.


Okay throw your arms up, jump up, and lift your kicking leg up. (Note: Please, again, note where my jumping foot is pointing. haha)


Ab veins. Alright so a lot is going on here but two things are important after you jump. “Pumping” the kicking knee up and then pulling your arms in after the spin. Note that during setup I kept my eyes on the target and then immediately turned around to spot my target again.


Notice my jumping leg. See how I knee’d it up and then extended the kicking leg. This is called “the pump” … Pump your ch. 720 kick for maximum’ness. Also it helps to bring the arms as close to your body as you can when you spin.


I’m spinning.


Okay so at this point I’m going to kick. I made it through, my leg is up, and all I have to do is SPOT my target again and elbow over.


Here comes the bride! Here comes the bride!


It helps if you have done this trick maybe 8000 times like me. haha.


Try to point the toes so your foot points. I tried here but I guess I need to practice it another 2000 times. You know, 10,000 rep rule or something. I’m close.




It’s nice outside.


I’ll be your dream I’ll be your wish I’ll be your fantasy I’ll be your hope I’ll be your love Be everything that you need.

Keep in mind:

  • Practice your 540 kick!  The setup is everything in this trick and it’s best to train that setup using a 540 kick.
  • Keep your body upright or you’ll stumble off somewhere.
  • Pump your legs, when analyzing videos watch each leg individually for further understanding of the pumping motion.
  • Keep an eye on ALL the other gold mines to prevent your opponent from mining them. No gold, no army…
  • Kick all the way through, point your kicking foot during the kick.

Specific Problem Advice:

Can’t spin right? Then get comfortable jumping, pumping your legs, but not kicking.  If you can do that, you’re good to go.  Just keep practicing.

Falling backwards after your kick? You need to bring your knee across on the first spin.

Can’t get the kick out? You probably aren’t setting up right. The whole move is nothing but a takeoff that flings your leg out naturally.  Just practice without the kick and then eventually you’ll feel a moment where it’s natural to extend your leg.

My experiences:

I never had difficulties with the trick because I had a very solid 540 kick as a foundation.  I had it immediately, and just kept practicing to make it look like it does now. However, I will tell you I have not learned this trick on my other side yet.  Why?  Because my 540 kick on my other side is not good.  Why?  Because I have never practiced it like I have my good side 540.  The take home lesson is: practice practice practice! drill drill drill!

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  2. video tutorials with good explanation are great. I think now I also should begin that. I also recently uploaded similar tutorial on our masters platform check it out 😉 .
    By the way thanks for the awesome tutorial.

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