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Seeing a trick and visualizing yourself doing it are the first steps to learning it. Everybody uses visualizations while they trick whether they realize it or not. Let's explore this concept and find ways to use it more effectively.

How powerful are visualizations?

A better question: how powerful are YOUR visualizations?

#1 Sex. Have you ever turned yourself on by only thinking about a sexual encounter? Without any physical stimulation? If so, what did you do to create the most effective visualization you could think of?

#2 Licking an envelope. Since everybody has been able to succeed in the first example with flying colors (fluids), imagine licking an envelope with a really dry tongue. Can you evoke that slight chill in your spine by only thinking about it? Try hard to do this.

#3 Nails on a chalkboard. Can you get a chill down your spine by imagining someone scraping their nails across a chalkboard?

#4 Opposite sided tricks. Visualize yourself doing a difficult trick on your opposite side, like a 720 butterfly twist, hyper nine, or some wacky combo. It should not be easy, and you know what, maybe it's something you could work on...

How to create better visualizations

Think in detail.

Again, sex is a great analogy. Imagining flirting, then foreplay, through intercourse will probably provide a more powerful physiological response than simply imagining yourself thrown in a hardcore sexual scenario. This is the same for imagining yourself licking an envelope, scraping a chalkboard, or tricking. When going through a tricking visualization, imagine and recreate fears that may be present, mentally recreate environmental details such as weather conditions or aural stimulations, feel the weight of your body, and see yourself doing the move in 1st person instead of 3rd person. Adding these realistic details to your visualizations is hard, but will yield superior results compared to your normal day dreaming.

Close your eyes and breathe.

Closing your eyes lowers your brain wave frequencies. You'll likely discover that the best visualizations come at the lower frequencies. Focus on your breathing. There are lots of neat little breathing tricks you can do that go beyond the scope of this article, but it all starts with being aware of your breathing. So inhale deep into your abdomen. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. Taste the air. BREATHE. BREATHE LIKE A COWARD!

Try it.

Choose ONE trick you are very close to landing or have just landed and visualize it 10 minutes a day, everyday for one month.

Final note

If you can sexually arouse yourself simply by thinking about it, what can you do with tricking visualizations? What other areas of your life could you change using visualizations? I'll leave that up to you to find out.

Also, you might want to explore meditation. Not necessarily for any reason related to tricking, spirituality or whatever, but maybe merely to nurture a deeper appreciation for the sheer power of the mind. As my dear friend Dave Cheatwood has said "People who think meditation is boring, aren't doing it right."

Good luck with your tricking visualizations!

Woman meditating, visualizing

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