Tricking workout ideas

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Standard tricking

This is what us tricksters do almost all of the time. It's a general warmup with 60-120 minutes of tricking, resting as much as you need to keep nailing harder, cleaner, and more creative tricks until you finally get tired.

One trick: Quantity over quality tricking

Pick one trick and a high number. Try to do that many reps of that trick. To make it more fun, try to set a time limit such as 120 backflips in 1 hour. Good luck managing your fatigue!

Tip: You have to ease up on the quality over quantity religion to get something out of this. Besides, a fixation on quality vs. quantity is sooooo middle school. Drill. Drill you son-of-a-bitch. Drill!

Drill man, Megaman 4

Rep and set tricking

Create a session that mimics the way we would typically create a strength training workout. For example:

Deadlifts: 5 sets of 2.
Weighted dips: 6 sets of 3.
Lateral shoulder raises: 4 sets of 6.
Pushups: 4 sets to exhaustion.
Then make something like this for tricking:

720 twists: 5 sets of 2.
540 kick: 6 sets of 3.
Gumby: 4 sets of 6.
Back handsprings: 4 sets to exhaustion.

Tip: Here we've taken the way we typically approach strength training and applied it to tricking. Now take the way we typically approach tricking (standard tricking above) and apply it to your strength training!

Cardio tricking

I don't like this idea, but I'll still share it. Pick a prerequisite or a very basic movement and do it until you're gassed. Example: Do cartwheels down a football field. Rest. Come back doing cartwheels on your other side. Add as much pausing as necessary so you don't get too dizzy. Do aubatidos for 4 minutes straight. Rest. Repeat. Try basic kicks. Your goal isn't a specific quantity, it's really just to trick in a way where you're moving the whole time... Somehow.

Cross tricking

Combine a strength or conditioning session with a trick session. My old gym, before it closed, was a weight gym with a huge plyo floor. It was great, I'd trick for 45 minutes and then do squats and presses. I miss that. Although that's not cross tricking so much as tricking and then lifting.

Jujimufu, squats, tricking

Anyway, simply combine a tricking session with something else. Like weights, sprinting, rings, body weight exercises, discus throwing, etc.. Mix it together or do one activity after the other.

Jujimufu, rings, tricking

Long tricking session

I'm usually exhausted after 2 hours of tricking. For a long tricking session, I'd pick an uncomfortable amount of time: 3 hours. So I would trick like I normally would, but when I start getting tired I'd force myself to continue throwing things till the 3 hour mark. After awhile, your risk of injury goes up substantially: So if you want to try tricking at a pretty good pace for a forced length of time like this, please be careful.

Tip: You will need food and strong stimulants if you're going to last for an ambitious amount of time.

How often would I do this crap?

Most of the time I just have standard tricking sessions. When I feel masochistic, or foggy, and just want to get an exercise high, I'll do the quantity over quality thing. When something is working well but is requiring a lot of effort, I'll do the rep and set thing to keep myself from getting distracted by something easier. I've only done trick cardio once, I hate it (but felt like sharing it). I often cross train by combining tricking sessions with something else. As for extra long tricking sessions, they're a good way to spend an afternoon if you want to get away from the world for awhile.

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