Exposing Two Tricking Phobias

beginner tricking fear

Tricking Phobia #1:

If I keep crashing this trick I'll set bad habits that'll become permanent.

Nothing's permanent, just ask any trickster who has lost some tricks they used to be able to do! I would rather trick more, and set bad tricking habits by trying and crashing tricks (which at least trains my athletic capacities and reduces fear if nothing else), than set no tricking habits by doing nothing. Also, when embarking on a crash course for learning a new trick, there really is no reason you should be crashing the same way over and over and over again; Read this page for more information about what I mean.

Tricking Phobia #2:

If I do not feel 100% before I trick, I'll be wasting my time by becoming more efficient at throwing crappy tricks than proficient at throwing amazing tricks.

Your best tricking sessions and favorite footage will often be born on days you start out feeling foggy, sore, stiff, heavy, unsure, overly-mellowed, etc. Bad feelings. You may feel bad now, but drink some water, eat a snack, wash your face, take your boots off, change into tricking clothes and gently blow on your toes, knock back a fistful of stimulants and nootropics and allot the time for a long warm up. You'll always have something worthy in you that you didn't know was there. If it's still not there, remember this: you still have to train through the bad times to level up. Having awful sessions is necessary for shattering plateaus. And awful sessions usually end up being the best means of active recovery (in other words, the rule of bads: When you have a bad tricking session, the session you have the next day will likely be excellent.)

If we visit the other end of the spectrum: good feelings. Good feelings can let you down. There will be days you go out to trick feeling super human, but the performance will not be there. You'll feel fantastic, but your body just won't work right. Or worse, you'll feel fantastic, but when you review the filmed footage, it's ugly.

Feelings also lose relevance in broader time intervals. There will be sessions when you feel and perform great, and you'll write it down in your training log or film what you did so that you can reflect upon the success in the future. Years later, after your powers have grown, you can have sessions where you feel terrible and still be able to nail tricks you couldn't even imagine doing during those past times.

Also, ask yourself: Is it that you actually feel bad, or is it that you just don't feel great? Maybe you just feel okay, and you just don't want to trick unless you feel great. This is a stupidity! Because a tricking session is one of the best ways to feel great!

So feelings are fun, but that's about it. Now let's go tricking!

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