Top 10 tricking tips (again)

beginner tricking

#1 Gain access to a gymnastic facility

If you aren't visiting a gym to trick at once a week you are not going to have much success with tricks.  Period.  You need to expose yourself to a social tricking environment, you need other people to see you trick.  And you need to train on plyo floor because it will help your tricks.  I've written a guide to gymnastics facilities here.

Jujimufu plyo floor.

#2 Train with a group or a friend

In the beginning, it's good to trick with other people. After my first year of tricking I began training alone almost exclusively; but I could not imagine starting without the help of my friend Taegashi! If you can't get a friend interested enough to participate, at least have them keep you company while you flip around.

Jujimufu and Taegashi

#3 Watch tricking vids

During my first year of tricking I watched everything I came across and rewatched my favorites hundreds of times. This helped me see relationships between moves and similarities between tricksters.  After enough watching, you just start to "get it" ... Spend lots of time on YouTube watching tricking videos.

#4 Join the online tricking community

Tricksters are organizing local sessions, training camps, and gatherings all year long and there might be one near you. Look on Facebook or Google +

Jujimufu Atlanta GA

#5 Vary location and attire

Tricking at one location isn't as ideal as tricking at a lot of different places.  What if your favorite field or gym is closed?  What if there is an even better field or gym right around the corner from you?  What if you need some place closer to you?  What if you have the time to make a little trip to a really great place to trick?  Spend time finding new places to trick and keep them all in your rotation.

Jujimufu, flashkick, stopsign

Also try different training outfits.  It doesn't sound logical, but when you wear different clothing you feel different.  Sometimes you just feel like you're living a "theme" with certain tricking gear on at certain places and times.

#6 Incorporate tricking into your lifestyle

Incorporate tricking into your lifestyle, don't make a lifestyle out of tricking.  You don't have to do all the things tricksters do.  Continue to be yourself and do tricking in a way where it's just another thing you do.  For me, tricking has been a huge part of my life, but it isn't everything.  I'm also a recreational body builder.  I'm interested in health and nutrition.  I like lifting heavy things, and doing stuff on gymnastic rings.  Thankfully these things have helped me a lot with tricking.  But not all of my interests are about physical activity.  Keep being you and just throw tricking in the mix.

#7 Film yourself and make videos and share them

Tricking footage acts like a save point in video games as far as your peak abilities go, and the things you film serve as feed back. Making samplers is actually my primary mode of expressing what I can be with tricking. It might not be your primary mode, but regardless whether you want to make a fancy video or not, the feedback is invaluable.  It's mandatory that you film yourself tricking.

#8 Invest in some equipment

This is of auxiliary importance, but it can help you stick to your tricking goals. The beauty of tricking is it requires nothing but a small space to do your moves and an internet connection so you can find things to try.  If you have disposable income you should invest in the following items: cameras, a portable stereo, comfortable clothes to trick in, airplane tickets to visit other tricksters, sports supplements...  etc.

#9 Write stuff down

What you really want to keep track of is advice, combinations, and how you feel when you are learning or perfecting a skill. Keep track of important epiphanies and experiences you have while tricking. Whether you want to create a full personal manual like I have (tricking spell book), or simply keep some scrap paper with some jotted notes around is up to you; but at least write some stuff down!

#10 Help others learn

When you explain something to someone else you are building deeper personal understanding of the subject at hand. Give tips to your friends and the people you trick with.  Helping others learn will also build you many friends and allies. I've create websites for these very reasons.

I hope these ten tips have taught you something useful! Thank you for reading!

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  • Ahmed on

    Very Useful Budy _

  • Wesley on

    Jon, how did you go about choosing names for your samplers?
    “Syice,” “Jryst,” “Ssertrof,” “Jiir,” etc…

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