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Quantricking = Quantitative tricking. This is a training style of tricking that puts emphasis on a small selection of tricks and the quantity of reps done. This is the only training style of tricking where you can log your training and see trends and improvements on paper.

Who’s quantricking for?

Quantricking is for people who want to perfect a particular trick. To make this more fun you can play the rep challenge game. x100 of a particular trick in one session or within a time limit. (How about x540 total 540 kicks in one week? Up for it?) Here’s a video of my buddy Pat Chu doing x100 double corks in one session.


Pat Chu has been my training partner the past couple of years.  I asked him about this video and these are his comments:
"You would think that later the double corks would start to get easier when you're trying to reach 100.  NOPE.  Every double cork I did was just as hard at the one before it.  I was doing this because I want the triple cork but it didn't help me at all!"  - Pat Chu

Pat Chu isn't a big fan of Quantricking.  But then, that's because it's not really for him.  Pat's double cork was already perfect before he did this video, doing more doubles isn't going to help him triple as he found out.  And besides that,  Pat Chu's tricking arsenal is crazy huge, you'd have more trouble finding something he cannot do than something he can do (triple cork! HAH!) Quantricking is not for people with tricking capabilities like Pat Chu.

So who else is Quantricking for?

Quantricking is for people who can only do a few tricks (less than 10). These tricksters need to rep the fire out of their basics if they want the best results and to get more tricks sooner than later.

Quantricking is for people who are coming back from injury.  Find the tricks you can do and do them, a lot, a whole lot.

Quantricking is good for those times you feel worse than you thought you would. For example, you’ve had 3 days off from tricking and you feel like crap during your session. And you’re trying to increase your tricking frequency, you can't just take the day off because you feel like crap. So what do you do? Have a quantricking session.  Pick something you can land and do it, a lot, a whole lot!

How I quantrick

So I use quantricking when I want to regain a lost skill, clean a trick up, or if I'm injured.  So how do I do it?  Typically I only pick one trick. Sometimes both sides of the body (leftside and rightside 540 kicks for example). I don’t pre-select any number of sets and reps. I just aim for the total by the end of the session. When I do this I use a click counter app on my phone to keep track of my total. You could just as easily line up tally marks on a piece of scrap paper which I’ve done tons of times too. Then when I’m done with the session I log it in a place I see everyday.  This way, I can see...
"the last time I repped jacknives was 10 days ago.  In fact, that's the last time I did any jacknives.  Oh.  No wonder my jacknife isn't improving"

Quantricking is very training log friendly. Try it for 4-6 weeks straight and watch your log grow with reps. See how many of one particular trick you’ve done in your time period and reflect on its evolution.


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