Plyo vs. Grass

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Tricking on plyo floor at a gym is awesome because:

4 pictures of some of my local plyo gyms.

  • Fun environment with lots of other things to do.

  • Best for improving your tricks and learning new ones.

  • Lots of tools like mats and trampolines for building kinesthetic awareness.

  • Tricks look best on plyo floor.

  • Has great carry-over to grass.

  • Best for getting a tricking workout.

  • Allows you to train despite terrible weather.

  • Provides a social setting with a social boost.

Tricking on grass outside is awesome because:

4 pictures of outside places I regularly trick at.

  • Best for instilling mental toughness.

  • Best for improving your tricking.

  • Tricking looks best on grass.

  • Has great carry-over to plyo.

  • Makes your techniques more dependable.

  • No admission fees!

  • Most convenient because there are tons of places to choose to trick.

  • Safest way to train.

Q. Why are you creating a duality between tricking and tricks?

A. Because I can. Tricks are your actual tricks, your trick-core'ness. Your tricking is your attitude and approach towards doing tricks.

Q. Why are you saying that tricking on grass improves your attitude/approach towards doing tricks more than tricking on plyo floor?

A. For the same reason you would rate your job satisfaction level higher if you worked in a beautiful, outdoor space; Or if you had a top level window office, than if you worked in a warehouse, cubefarm, or an underground dungeon. Environmental aesthetics matter, they affect your psyche.

Q. Why do you say that tricking on grass is safer than tricking on plyo floor?

A. Read the beginning of this page for the answer.

When you want outdoor tricking video footage:

1) You can trick mostly on plyo year round, and then trick outside just a few nice days a year to get any outdoor footage you may want. Technical carryover from plyo to grass will not be an issue.


2) You can trick mostly outside which increases your chances of getting the most epic footage you would want for an outdoor tricking video project, because of statistical odds. But nothing improves your tricks like plyo, so you should still find some gyms and train there a couple times a month at least.

When you don't care about outdoor tricking video footage:

If you are satisfied just creating and sharing plyo samplers and you really love the vibe you get with your friends tricking at the gym, then why would you ever trick on grass for any reason other than novelty? Or to enjoy good weather and fresh air occasionally? There is nothing wrong with this if this is your preference! But have you ever heard about The Tale of Two Corks?

The Tale of Two Corks

Me doing a cork on plyo.


Me doing a cork on grass.


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  • Jodadiah on

    I prefer outdoor tricking over indoor plyo, even though I train more on plyo.

  • Jon Call on

    I can “enjoy” both equally at the moment, but if had to have a top 20 tricking sessions of my life list, all 20 would be grass sessions. A good grass session does so much more for the “soul” than a good plyo session. :-)

  • JackIsBack on

    Can I still learn tricking even if I can only train on grass?

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