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Most people who write their thoughts and feelings down write them at the end of a hard day or during times of duress, when they are weak. They write about what they want or what they hate or who they hate or what so-and-so said to them and why that's annoying and what they're worried about and what they have to do to be where they want to be and blah blah blah. Angsty, self-centered, psycho-analytic garbage. My journals are laced with these things too, it's impossible not to write about them if you make any habit of writing at all.

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Now, it's better to write about these negative things and see them before you on paper so you can even begin to become aware of how ridiculous your mind can be, but you would be doing yourself a much greater favor by developing the thoughts and feelings that come from higher places.

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When my body is at a physical peak and primed for tricking, so is my mind. But the overwhelmingly positive and powerful thoughts, ideas, and feelings I experience during this time get diluted rapidly when my body cools down, so I made a habit of writing them down as soon as I'm having them instead of letting them slip away. This might even mean feverishly writing them down right in the middle of a big tricking session. It's really no weirder than a strength trainee writing down the reps and sets he's doing during a peak strength session, so he can reflect on these physical benchmarks later for motivation. So jot these higher thoughts, ideas, and feelings down as if you were jotting down mental benchmarks to challenge and motivate you onward. Otherwise, you may plow along for years taking these mental peaks for granted, squandering their rich potential for positive spillover into the rest of your life.

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The products of these higher mental atmospheres don't always make sense though, many of these things are incomprehensible and defy language. In this case just write down the mental imagery you experienced and what you were reminded of the best you can. Some people like poetry for this. Or you can do what some of the greatest thinkers in world history have done: create your own personal language and terminology to frame these states of mind.

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Bathe in these higher states of mind daily if you can. A deeply positive and enriched outlook on life takes practice, just like tricking. Honestly, what could possibly be more worth your time than developing a better outlook on life?

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  • Jon Call on

    I spend hours every night standing in the kitchen preparing meals, training everyday, writing, doing things with my wife, traveling, planning… I do have a job and despite writing in a previous article how easy my job is, it still takes time. I’m already maxing out here. If I get overwhelmed, and I need to disconnect, I find going for a walk is much more therapeutic than meditating. I like moving, not sitting, for this type of catharsis.

  • Andrea Rodolfo Nadia on

    Meditation is overrated!

    Like passive stretching for recovery and peanut butter as a fat source.

    There, I said it. Let the flame begin.

  • Ben George on

    Juji, I never noticed what a long thumb you have.

  • Meet on

    Juji, I read on one of your comments somewhere before that you don’t meditate anymore. Do you have a specific reason for that? I’m only asking because I got interested in meditating years ago in part because you said to explore meditation in the old version of this article when it was on TricksTutorials. I’ve been doing it ever since, because I feel greater awareness in everything, especially in the couple hours after I meditate.

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