Getting into tricking vs. Learning a few tricks

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You can get into tricking without doing it intentionally. When I discovered tricking, I didn't think about getting into tricking, I just wanted the 540 kick so I could show it off in my Taekwondo group.

Jujimufu, Taekwondo, Tricking

So I started working on the 540 kick in October 2000. I finally got it in March 2001. And when I got it, I was cool. But soon other people from my Taekwondo group were 540'ing, and I wasn't as cool anymore. And some people were doing backflips! I was scared to go backwards so I was jealous.

To get ahead, I tried learning more tricks. I started working on aerials and double legs and other things. I spent many of my afternoons after school working on tricks in my backyard and in public parks. And that's when I realized I was actually tricking.

Jujimufu, tricking

So what about you? Maybe you don't need to think about whether or not you should get into tricking. Maybe you could work toward only one trick or two tricks? That's cool, and I'm your friend and I can help you! See if there are some tutorials on this website and tutorials on youtube that can help you. But be warned: If you learn just one trick, you might get hooked!

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  • Marco on

    This is fantastic, I got your website off of one of Clarence Kennedy’s videos, I had no idea you were the popular guy on YouTube as well. Great resource and encouragement thanks for putting it together.

  • Sandeep sheregar on

    Dear coach Jon
    Thanks a lot for spreading Health, Fitness and Fun around the globe with your ACROBOLIX. I wish you all the best. I am Sandeep sheregar from India, an Asian country. I am 46 years old. I am keeping a good health without any ailments. My question is can I learn those tricks at this age? If yes then do guide me. I am ready to do the hard work.

  • Jujimufu on

    Hi Sandeep, I wrote something about the “age” question here. It will help clarify what it means to be “too old” to trick:

  • dasda on


  • Chad Clark on

    This seemed to be the best article to put this under:

    I followed off and on since 2003/2004. Always thought tricking would be a cool thing to do, but never had much any success with it (because I never devoted enough time to it, in hindsight of course.)

    Fast forward to last month when I discovered, and it re-ignited my curiousity for tricking. I figured I may have some greater success with tricking this time around, as I’ve made some fairly decent improvements in fitness, partly thanks to MMA and partly to making a serious focused effort on heavy lifting (deadlifts, squats, how did I ever get by without you!) After a few weeks of drilling, I am proud to say I’ve finally landed my first aerial! It was sloppy as hell, but I landed it!

    It may still take me a while to work up the courage to back tuck and the finesse to b-twist, but after 11 years of knowing what tricking is, I can finally say I’m getting into tricking! Thanks for all the content and support you’ve put out over the years to get people into this sport!

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