The quickest way for a trickster to become buff

advanced tricking building muscle

If you've been tricking for more than 3 years and have attained a level of proficiency and consistency, and now you want to get buff, then do this: become a body builder and reduce your tricking to one day or less per week. Here are some ideas,

  • Google body building and learn, learn, learn!

  • isn't a bad place to start (I'm serious).

  • Learn to train like a bodybuilder.

  • Train like a bodybuilder.

  • Learn to eat and bulk like a bodybuilder.

  • Eat and bulk like a bodybuilder.

  • Learn to supplement like bodybuilder.

  • Supplement like a bodybuilder.

  • Learn to shave, tan, and pose like a bodybuilder.

  • Shave, tan, and pose like a bodybuilder!

  • Learn all the ins and outs of a bodybuilding lifestyle.

  • Become a bodybuilder.

  • Consider entering a bodybuilding contest.

  • And all the while...

  • Trick only one day a week at a plyo gym.

After one year, you will probably have 80% of your tricking skills intact, and your body will look completely transformed. You will be glad you did it too.  This is the quickest way a trickster can become buff.

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  • AidenBloodaxe on

    Okay, wicked.

  • AidenBloodaxe on

    I’d be highly interested in keeping track of any tricksters who have decided to partake in this endeavor.

    If you have, post here & let us know about things.

  • Jon Call on

    The only person that immediately comes to mind is Antoine Vaillant. He basically quit tricking around 18 to focus entirely on bodybuilding. Then when he was 23 he had a few warm up sessions before he visited me again after not having tricked for about 5 years… From what I could tell he could still do most of his tricks that mattered.

    I think what you’re more interested in, however, would be a higher level trickster doing this. Antoine wasn’t a high level trickster, he was an intermediate level trickster.

    btw I’m going to try to answer your question on Reddit in an Ask Jujimufu post, which is kind of related to all of this.

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