Artwork contest results

Congratulations to the winner Richard Suchit. This fall I will visit him, so expect some training and spoof videos! Here was Richard's winning submission.

Acrobolix logo

Why I liked this: Aggressive. Hexagonal phenol containing chemical skeletons. Colors were spot on my preference. High resolution. Useful. Simple. And that's that. I simply liked it the best. This was actually Richard's 6th attempt, he gave me a lot of choice and flexibility. From the day the contest opened he tried over and over again until he gave me this. Thank you Richard! If you think you can do better than Richard, well, try! If you create something so much better that I can't resist using it, I'll use your creation and pay you for it!

Here were some of winners of of smaller cash money green paypal good $$$:

I love it. Haha! Thanks Louis!

Jujimufu Deadlift Cartoon

Okay so this one has been around a few years but it's hilarious, and now he's drawing me more (hence why I payed him). If you want Andrea to draw you like this, send him a picture at his gmail address and he'll quote you a reasonable price: andrea.rodolfo.nadia @ gmail . com (without the spaces)

Jujimufu tricking sketches

So I awarded Diana Diesler a little extra for this one because... she's hot. haha. You may recognize these sketches from some of my videos since they're based on screen captures of me tricking. She also made this logo:


So Pete Bauer earned some cash for this one, primarily because the innocent little box of ammonia inhalants in the squatting picture made me spew potato chunks all over my screen in laughter.

Acrobolix by Andrew Ward

Click for large view.

Andy Ward had some good ideas! And so I rewarded him!

Philip Hartshorn Acrobolix artwork

Philip Hartshorn Acrobolix artwork

Finally, Phil Hartshorn submitted a crap load of stuff to me shortly before the end of this contest. This was only a small sample of all the concepts and examples he provided for me. So I compensated Phil for his awesome works!

Acrobolix cartoon.

Acrobolix artwork by BSF Jay

Acrobolix artwork by BSF Jay

BSF Jay sent these and was rewarded. INCREDIBLE. LOVE IT. And now he and I will be working on apparel and more together for the Acrobolix Gear shop. You'll find cool designs like these without branding on a variety of unique items, not just boring t-shirts or ball caps... No I'm not going to slap the "ACROBOLIX" name on everything. All of this in favor for the non-denominational kinda guy. Coming soon! :-)

Acrobolix logo concept

Acrobolix 360 kick

Acrobolix b-twist, Jujimufu cartoon b-twist

Jujimufu Popeye

Michael Mara and Mari Liguicota created the above logo concept, and some figure sketches among a few other items I have not posted. The Popeye version of me with the cream of wheat was very close to making me reward them because of the absurdity of it, but it's cream of rice that I eat, not cream of wheat! Oops! I think I owe them something don't you? If 4 people in the comment box within the next 3 days think I should overlook the error and give them a complimentary Skype session to talk about awesome stuff then they get it. How many people think it was a fatal error in their artwork? How many people think I should give them a chance? Comment below! Pressure is on! :-)

Ryan Rycast Acrobolix logo

Ryan Rycast's submission is one of the best. I like Ryan's work so much I'm now going to be hiring him to work on this website! You can see his work on Antoine Vaillant's Crushing Crew website. He made that entire website. Can't wait!




Lauren Staal submitted the 3 above figure sketches with the possibility of vectorizing. Vector graphics are a pretty good commodity so I might ask Lauren to help me in the future with simple diagram pictures for future works. Thank you Lauren!

Jujimufu Jacknife exampler

Isaac Clinton took some inspiration from the Jacknife exampler I made. Nice haha! Thank you Issac. I'm kind of surprised that you took this particular image for your drawing inspiration.

Acrobolix Reddit

Agrobot Vom Bat PureApeShit the legendary Reddit using vagrant who has walked all roads in Europe and lives in the woods and mixes bug enzymes... has created this, which I think Ryan Rycast used for his logo haha! It's a very cool silhouette. This fellow has also created us a subreddit: The Acrobolix subReddit page.

Mathias Laustrup Andersen_Acrobolix_tests

Mathias Laustrup Andersen created these, and I love them, especially the ones with Acro and Bolix separated. Thank you! He has quite a nice portfolio, contact him on Facebook if you would like him to create you something.

Matrix Dufek Acrobolix Logo

Matrix Dufek Acrobolix Logo

Matrix Dufek created these. These were the first submissions I received the day I launched this website. If only he knew how partial I was to hexagon shapes. He was definitely on the right track.

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  • Jon Call on

    Alright you win haha. We’ll schedule something soon. :-)

  • Diana on

    LOL i got extra cuz i’m hot?! \o/ does this work elsewhere too???

  • Jon Call on

    Yes. As long as attraction exists where there is money it does.

  • Lees Dragon on

    Maaaaaan, all these designs are fuckin awesome!!
    I’m at a loss for words at the brilliance that has been pioneered here.

    Great work everyone. <3
    Makes me shed a tear of happiness seeing all this. =')

  • Adam Christopherson on

    Give Michael and Mari a Skype session. : )

    Good to see you’re still following through with your tricking empire, Juji. I remember when the MA tricking movement exploded and TT became the primary source for tutorials! Great times then; great times now!

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