Acrobolix Announcement 2015 #3

Site redesign

A new design and a new comment system.

New blog posts

I really missed writing and have been happy to write a few new things! More to come!

YouTube work

A few new YouTube videos have been uploaded on my channel. I have some more videos nearly finished coming this week, and so forth, so subscribe because it's going to be a regular thing now.


I've received many requests for coaching and training programs this year. There are a variety of options now available in the services section. How may I help you?


2 eBooks will be ready by the end of the year. Time to get busy again on those.


Here is an early announcement that a webshop will come online early next year. There are some uniquely designed training items in the works that will be exclusively sold here. In other words: I'm not just talking about slapping logos on a bunch of random shit guys. Unique things that are actually useful.


Picking up my pace this year has been rewarding but has created interesting new problems I've never encountered. But as a wise, but really annoying old man I used to work with once said: "Having a problem to solve is a good problem to have."

Older Post

  • Robin Rebers on

    I do have to report that (on a Nexus 7 tablet running Android 6.x) scrolling up or down in an article is only possible by touching the edges of the page. If I use the space in the article itself, it will not scroll.

  • @CamHLynch on

    Love the new site Juji! Looking forward to your ebooks too!
    Keep on rockin’!

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