Acrobolix Announcement 2015 #2

What have I been doing?

I haven't been working on this website because I've been training, traveling, updating my Instagram and staying hydrated with lots of 1 gallon jugs of water.


And then this stuff,

Site redesign and reboot

I have redesigned the site and will activate the new design at the end of the month. Along with that I will add new discussion plugins to make commenting better on my posts, and I will maintain consistent blog updates thereafter at a rate of 3-4 posts per month with coffee motivation.


eBook progress

My flexibility eBook will be available for purchase in October. This book is really gonna change the flexibility training game. I'm very proud of how it's come together and the ideas I've come up with, ideas which you can't find anywhere else!


I'm also in the middle of writing two more eBooks. I work on them when I get stuck on a part in my flexibility eBook editing process haha! These are going well, and are very cool reads! Titles will be announced soon. They will both be ready by year's end.

Social media activities

I've been keeping up with my Instagram because it's fun and has been very rewarding, offering me many opportunities and some sponsorships. One opportunity you'll like is my collaboration with team Strength Project on video projects. This happened last month, and I will be traveling to see them again next week. Keep an eye on their YouTube channel because it will have many awesome videos featuring me soon when they are done editing them!


Finally, I have geared up to resurrect my own YouTube channel which has been dead for like... a whole year now... Sad. I've got a new camera and a film schedule made out. This is going to start next month! More traveling first!



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  • Jon Call on

    Thank you Brandon! :-)

  • Jon Call on

    lmao. I turned it into a book project. So it’s become a book, one of the 2 other ones mentioned above, no longer an article. Nice guess! I’ll give it to you for free for guessing if you remind me when I release it haha.

  • Jon Call on

    Yes they will all be for purchase. :-)

  • Jon Call on

    I have not filmed any new tricking tutorials this summer no. I could do a few but I’ve been focusing on my other projects. What moves are you interested in from me specifically? There are a million more talented tricksters out there than myself.

  • Brandon on

    So awesome to see the update! You continue to be a huge inspiration to me, Juji. Definitely looking forward to your ebooks, man. And I’m loving the instagram! You manage to motivate me AND make me laugh, which is exactly why you rock.
    Your hard work does not go unnoticed, brother. Keep doing your thing! :)

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