Workout Pajamas Trapperzoid Pattern - Front View
Workout Pajamas Trapperzoid Pattern - Great For Lounging In A Comfy Chair
Workout Pajamas Trapperzoid Pattern - Side View
Workout Pajamas Trapperzoid Pattern - Quarter Angle View
Workout Pajamas Trapperzoid Pattern - Showing wearing as Capri style
Workout Pajamas Trapperzoid Pattern - Back view
Workout Pajamas Trapperzoid Pattern - Casual and Fun modeling
Workout Pajamas Trapperzoid Pattern - Deep Side Pockets
Workout Pajamas Trapperzoid Pattern - Back Pockets With Top Flaps
Workout Pajamas Trapperzoid Pattern - Back Pockets With Top Flaps 2
Workout Pajamas Trapperzoid Pattern - Matched Fabric Drawstring
Workout Pajamas Trapperzoid Pattern - Casual and Fun modeling 2
Workout Pajamas - Embroidered Split Man Logo

Workout Pajamas - Trapperzoid Pattern

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Workout Pajamas are ready for any activity that demands nothing, and everything, or anything! These functional, daring, baggy, comfy, fun pants are perfect whenever! For whatever endeavor! Whether that's fun work or hard play, wear Workout Pajamas somewhere when you do something! Hooray!

What're they made of? We make our Workout Pajamas out of a specifically weighted, 70:25:5 poly/viscose rayon/spandex fabric blend that's flexible enough for high kicks, deep squats, and more! They're tough and durable for all types of yard work but not too heavy so that they wouldn't suffocate you like traditional sweatpants. And, of course, they're super comfortable to lounge in! They perform great in both cool and warm weather! See the SIZING and FEATURES tabs for more information!


Workout Pajamas have a baggy fit similar to some loungewear. Whatever you buy for sweatpants or pajamas will be the size you will wear here. Sizing is forgiving and allows for some preference. You can down or up a size if you want something slimmer or even bigger.


UNISEX: Appropriate for both men and women!

70% POLY, 25% VISCOSE RAYON, 5% SPANDEX MIXTURE: This fabric blend resulted from my pickiness and trial and error. I wanted something comfy but not cozy. Durable, so that you could do yard work in them, but not too heavy so they wouldn't suffocate you when you train in them. They needed a good range of motion but not necessarily insane freedom of motion (that's what Jujimufu Stretchy Pants are for). Something that could be worn in cold weather without being overly heavy. But also light enough to be worn in warm weather without being too wimpy, silky, or overly soft. This mixture hit the sweet spot.

4 POCKETS: I noticed most workout pants and pajamas had just two side pockets. We deepened the side pockets so you could hold a lot in them. We also included back pockets because you may need to hold your phone, wallet, or a paper pad. Most people, including me, do not like how those things feel inside their side pockets. So we got all the pockets!

ELASTIC WAISTBAND & DRAWSTRING: I noticed many workout pants and pajamas out there had one or the other: elastic waistband or drawstring. I like both, so I included both. But the drawstring isn't just a cheap shoelace like most would have, the drawstring is fabric-matched!

HIGH-QUALITY DETAILS: From our fabric-matched drawstring to the subtle, non-distracting embroidered split man logo. Metal grommets, flat lock stitching, and most importantly: a lot of careful consideration to the cut dimensions, our Workout Pajamas have not cut corners! We couldn't have included more quality in the components than we already have! I'm very proud of these!