Jujimufu Ultra Hoodie Dark Plaid Color - Front View
Jujimufu Ultra Hoodie Dark Plaid Color - Back View
Jujimufu Ultra Hoodie Dark Plaid Color - Classic Kangaroo Pocket
Jujimufu Ultra Hoodie Dark Plaid Color - Layered Zip Phone Pocket
Jujimufu Ultra Hoodie Dark Plaid Color - Tri-Panel Hood
Jujimufu Ultra Hoodie Dark Plaid Color - Medium Breast Pocket
Jujimufu Ultra Hoodie Dark Plaid Color - Splitman Logo
Jujimufu Ultra Hoodie Dark Plaid Color - Full Body View
Jujimufu Ultra Hoodie Dark Plaid Color - Full Hood View

Ultra Sleeveless Hoodie - Dark Plaid

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BEHOLD! The Ultra Sleeveless Hoodie! I made this sleeveless hoodie with tons of features! It has an oversized, badass tri-panel Assassin's Creed-inspired hood, multiple pockets, a zippered one layered within the kangaroo pocket specifically sized for large phones, and a discrete, medium-sized breast pocket. The fabric blend is rare and unique, and it has a flattering cut that shows off your physique while being light enough to be worn when training. You'll look and feel incredible in this.



Don't worry about sizing! It's pretty straightforward.

For example, I usually wear a size 2XL in t-shirts, but I prefer a size 1XL in tank tops. If you normally wear the same size for both t-shirts and tank tops, that's perfect! Just pick your usual size.

But, if you like your tank tops and other activewear a bit more fitted, simply choose a size smaller than you normally would. It's that easy!


Unique 63.5% Poly 31% Rayon 5.5% Spandex Blend: As with all our apparel, fabric blends are specifically chosen based on trial and error (basically, I complain and nitpick the prototypes until the blend is perfect). The lightweight and stretch of the materials used to build out these hoodies are exceptional.

Badass Tri-panel Hood: The Assassin's Creed game series inspired the hood. We had it spec'd out to look like Ezio's hood, which is a tri-panel hood, but without excess droop. We wanted a drape but no droop. Make sense? Most hoodie manufacturers don't do these hoods because it's a pain in the ass to sew compared with regular hoodies.

A Pocket in a Pocket!!! : So here's the thing. I don't like storing items in the kangaroo pouch of a hoodie because they fall out. I like to put my hands in those pockets, though. I don't want to make that pocket a zipper pocket to keep items in because I like quickly putting my hands in and out of that pocket. So what did we do?

We put a pocket in a pocket! Layered within the Kangaroo pocket is a zippered pocket we sized with my cell phone. We measured my phone and then added a bit of wiggle room, and voila: we have a discreet and ultra-functional pocket within a pocket! So now you can secure items behind a magic concealment zipper pocket layered within the same pocket for your hands without having to fondle the items! Cool!

Medium sized breast pocket: Breast pockets are great but usually too conspicuous. We sized it down a bit so it's stealthy. I wanted this pocket to hold lavalier mics when I film videos. Lol. No, really, that's why I created this pocket. But it holds other things, too, of course.

Muscular Cut: Finally, we designed the cut to accentuate arm, shoulder, pec, trap, and lat development! Most standard tank tops hide pecs, traps, and lats. Also, most standard tank tops tend to fit funny around your midsection. This hoodie has the right drape and flow to make you look fit without making you look bloated every time you eat a big meal. Goodness. This hoodie is magnificent. You're gonna look awesome in it, and you're gonna love the functionality.

The Best Sleeveless Hoodie: From the hood, the fabric blend, the clever pockets, and the fine details, this truly is the greatest sleeveless hoodie.