Jujimufu Classic Stretchy Pants Red and Black Color - Side view
Jujimufu Classic Stretchy Pants Red and Black Color - Showing Stretch Fabric on a single leg
Jujimufu Classic Stretchy Pants - Showing Pants Worn up to Shoulders
Jujimufu Classic Stretchy Pants Red and Black Color - Showing Stretch Fabric
Jujimufu Classic Stretchy Pants Red and Black Color - Front view
Jujimufu Classic Stretchy Pants Red Black Color - Back view
Jujimufu Classic Stretchy Pants Red and Black Color - Showing Capri Conversion Feature
Jujimufu Classic Stretchy Pants Red and Black Color - Showing wearing as Capri style
Jujimufu Classic Stretchy Pants Black Color -Secret Front Zipper Pocket
Jujimufu Classic Stretchy Pants - Showing elastic ankle feature that converts pants to capri style
Jujimufu Classic Stretchy Pants Red and Black Color - Side Zipper Pocket
Jujimufu Classic Stretchy Pants Red and Black Color - Ankle Zipper
Jujimufu Classic Stretchy Pants Red and Black Color - Logo
Jujimufu Classic Stretchy Pants Red and Black Color - Casual and Fun modeling

Jujimufu Stretchy Pants - Red w/ Black Accent

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Jujimufu Stretchy Pants are the most flexible pants in the world! So comfortable and versatile, that when you get your first pair, you'll want to throw all your other workout pants into the garbage!

With our unique NO-CATCH KNEES design, you don't have to "pick" at the knee fabric to experience ridiculous freedom of motion in knee ups, high kicks, splits, deep squats or ANYTHING! Ideal for every sport and activity and those with humongous legs.

These will also become your new favorite loungewear and travel pants! Just ask our customers (your grandma and grandpa already bought several pairs, just ask them!).

Click the FEATURES TAB for more reasons why these pants are going to make your life way better!


UNISEX: Appropriate for both men and women and as casual wear, these stylish, versatile, and super effective pants will win your heart!

FLAT-LOCK STITCHED: Anyone who knows something about garments knows this is rare because it's such a challenging stitching process. Flat-locked stitching means, "these are the shit!!!"

MATERIAL COMPOSITION IS 84% POLY 16% ELASTANE MIXTURE: That means they won’t tear or wear while stretching, squatting, kicking, etc!

GUSSETED CROTCH AND NO-CATCH KNEES: These pants avoid the "knee-catch" of other pants. Train high-knee movements (kick as high as you want!) with ridiculous freedom of motion.

ELASTIC ANKLE: These pants can be converted to a “capri” style quickly. But more importantly, unlike other training pants that roll back down, these will stay put underneath the knee cap while training. This is one of my most beloved features of these pants!

V-TAPER:  A pronounced taper from quad to ankle. Loose enough in the glute/ham area for well-muscled athletes yet tapered cleanly down over the calf to stay out of the way. 

TEMPERATURE CONTROL: These pants work phenomenally well in both very hot and very cold conditions. Wear them year-round!

ZIPPERED POCKETS: Avoid “pockets flying out” or "things flying out of pockets" while moving and spinning with our high-quality zippers!

HIGH-QUALITY ZIPPERS: With locking feature and DTM (Dyed to Match) style color of pants. Our zippers aren't cheap. They're awesome!

ELASTIC WAISTBAND: These pants are very forgiving with waist measurements. These pants will fit well around the waist even if you cycle between bulking and cutting or achieve a weight loss milestone!

EXTRA LONG INTERNAL DRAWSTRINGS: Don't you hate it when the drawstrings in your pants gets stuck in the waistband? Me too! So we included an extra long internal drawstring that helps prevent that.


SPECIAL WATER-RESISTANT POCKET: Sized to fit pills or jewelry. This pocket is positioned appropriately and discreetly near the crotch, so these items do not get crushed (because that's one of the last areas you want to get hit, right?)

ANKLE ZIPS: Allow the pants to convert to a casual style for wearing over shoes. They also make it easy to put on or remove knee sleeves if you wear them underneath the pants.

DIAMOND MESH PATTERNING ON BACK: Provide optics in sports like track and field and gymnastics, where technical analysis is essential. Also a distinguishing style feature.


These pants will last a long time if you take good care of them! Here's how: Wash them inside out and hang them on something to dry after washing (line dry) because the harsh heat of a dryer will damage the splitman logo and change the fabric's texture over time.

Also, I've found it helpful to "shoe tie" the pant's drawstrings when washing. This keeps the already long internal drawstrings from withdrawing into the waistband when washing.

Be gentle with the ankle zipper; like all zippers, they are mortal.

Finally, avoid wooden splinters and anything sharp that will catch the pants! I have ruined a few pairs of my own Jujimufu Stretchy Pants by sitting on wood decks that had wood splinters.



If you're in between sizes, go down or up a size based on your personal preference. If you want a baggier fit, go up to the next size. If you want something more form fitting, go down to the previous size.

Jujimufu pants sizing chart

As a point of reference, I'm in between sizes. In the picture below, I'm wearing a size Large at 5'10" (178 cm) height and 240 lbs (109 kg). My dad (MufuDad) is 5'10" (178 cm), 165 lbs (75 kg), and he wears a size Medium. See the picture below:

Jujimufu and Mufudad wearing Jujimufu Pants

If I wanted a more form fitting "jogger" feel, I'd stay with a size L. However, I've grown and I prefer to now wear them a bit looser. Here's a picture of me wearing the XL which are baggier:

Jujimufu at 5'10" 260 lbs wearing a size XL of Jujimufu Lite Stretchy Pants

Because the pants have an elastic ankle, extra inseam fabric from going up one size will stay put. All in all, the pants are very forgiving with moving between sizes.


GIGANTIC LEGS: If you have gigantic legs (IE, you're basically a pro bodybuilder), you'll probably need a size XL. They will be longer and have slack fabric at the bottom, but you will have great freedom of movement, unlike most pants you own. My friend Antoine Vaillant is 5'11" (180 cm) and weighs 270 lbs (122 kg) in contest condition. Antoine's thigh circumference measures 33" (84 cm). He comfortably wears a size XL. 

Antoine Vaillant Bodybuilder

TALL: If you're 6'3" (190 cm) or taller, you might want to move up to an XL. They will fit baggier, but they will be the correct length for your height while still having great freedom of movement.


Jujimufu Stretchy Pants come with a style and feature set that Jujimufu LITE Stretchy Pants don't have. We call these our "Classic Style" (YOU ARE CURRENTLY VIEWING THE CLASSICS PRODUCT PAGE)

  • CLASSICS have a small front zip pocket. LITES do not.
  • CLASSICS have ankle zips. LITES do not.
  • CLASSICS have a diamond mesh pattern. LITES do not. 

Other than these 3 features, the CLASSICS and LITES are identical.