Shipping times

NOTE: WE ARE MOVING OUR INVENTORY ACROSS THE COUNTRY! ALL ORDERS OTHER THAN SMELLING SALTS ONLY ORDERS WILL SHIP OUT THE WEEK OF SEPTEMBER 1st. THANK YOU!!! We are a small, three person fulfillment team based in the United States. Our team member in California ships domestic orders twice weekly and international orders once weekly. Domestic orders usually arrive in a few days after shipment. International orders usually take between 1-3 weeks. If you place an order containing only smelling salts products your order will likely ship directly from me (Jujimufu). I ship up to five days per week (when I'm available) from the eastern side of the US. If I am unavailable, your order will ship from our team member in California during her scheduled shipping times. When your order ships you will receive a tracking # in an e-mail. Sometimes our team gets a few days behind when things happen, so we appreciate your patience during these times! If you have questions about your order you can always e-mail my father, Mufudad, who will try to help you. He's super cool. His e-mail is We love you guys! Thank you! We hope this page gives you an idea of what we are and what we can do to get your stuff to you! - Jujimufu