Seminars and gathering guest

Whether you are an experienced trainee, trickster, or gamer-nerd-coach potato who has never trained in your life: I am the best coach available if you want to get into tricking or just learn basic tricks.  
  • Nobody is better than me at teaching and motivating new tricksters.  
  • Nobody is better suited than me for getting experienced tricksters buff without compromising tricking performance.


You think your gathering guests will be pleased if you invite me as a guest? Will it help you draw even more people to join if they know I'm going to participate? (Answers = Yes! and Yes!) CONTACT ME!


The price starts at $720. CONTACT ME, tell me the details, and I'll quote your cost. My quote is the sum total of everything I need: food, airfare, lodging, etc, as well as my fee.  INTERNATIONAL GATHERING GUEST CONTACT ME for availability and pricing.  International airfare is expensive and the travel is inconvenient, so I might quote you an arm and a leg.


* Note: Private seminars are only available for the continental United States and Canada.  If you live elsewhere, contact a gathering organizer for a gathering you will attend and request my participation if you want to meet me. Here is what I can offer to three distinct groups,

(Unexperienced tricksters and trainees)

If you have no idea where to start with tricking or training and you want a helping hand.  No problem.  I'll visit you and help you find gyms to train at and find places to trick outside.  We'll see who else tricks in your region. I'll introduce you to the basics and help get you started with conditioning work. We can do strength training too.  I'll show you how to get flexibile, I'm a master at flexibility training.  I'll teach you to grocery shop, eat, and cook for the best results.  I'll give you some suggestions all along the way for fitting tricking and training and eating well into your schedule.  I'll do everything I can during my visit to make sure you start strong.  And we'll have lots of fun YEAHHHH!!!!

(Experienced tricksters and trainees)

For experienced tricksters on the elite level, I can't help you much with your tricking, but I can get you stronger and buffer without too much compromise with your tricking.  I know a lot about dieting and supplementing for bodybuilding, tricking, and both together.  So when I visit, I can teach you to eat and strength train for maximum tricking.  And if you've been tricking for years and now find yourself wanting a muscular physique or want to increase your tricking resilience, then hire me for a private seminar!  I guarantee you won't be disappointed.

(Experienced trainees who want to start tricking)

So you do cross fit, bodybuilding, or strength training and now you want to learn some cool moves.  Perfect.  Because no other trickster is as well prepared to help you with this task as I am.  I'll visit you and teach you how to incorporate tricking into your training lifestyle and routine so you can continue to be jacked, strong, or as beastly as you already are with the addition of some bad-ass tricking skills.  I'll show you how to teach yourself tricking and show you how to weed through the hype and nonsense. We'll find the places you need to train and the right way to balance your training: you will lose nothing you already have while we unlock your tricking potential!


jujimufu_local_seminar If you live in the USA and within the red circle, congratulations you're my neighbor! I price these local weekend seminars starting at $540The price includes my fee as well as everything else I need: food, lodging, gasoline (I drive).  It's the total sum. So... CONTACT ME!


If you live outside that red circle above, you're non-local. I'll probably catch and airplane to visit you. Weekend seminars outside my local region within the continental United states start at $900. The price includes my fee as well as everything I need: food, lodging, airfare, etc. CONTACT ME! HINT: If you want a personal one on one weekend seminar that's definitely cool, but if your friends are interested too I will work for the group and that will save you money if you split the cost.