Q&A chats


Do you want to have a Q&A chat session about training, tricking, eating, supplementing, and life? Yeah! So we can do a video chat or an online messaging chat. With either I give you 100% of my undivided attention. With the video chat I can even show you lifting technique during the session, I have a power rack in the room adjacent to the office I will use for consults! xx I can take you into my kitchen too, and show you what's up in my life. xx Anything if it helps answer your questions. :-)

Current price:

Today's prices are the lowest they will ever be. $40 for a +90 minute video chat. $20 for a +60 minute messaging chat. These prices will increase July 1st 2015.

How to schedule a consult

Just CONTACT ME and ask for a consult. I'll give you payment options including paypal, google wallet, and bitcoin (yes I accept bitcoin!)

Discounts opportunities

Every 4 months the price of my consults will increase. When you schedule a consult today at the current price, you are guaranteed the price that was posted before the most recent price increase on your next consult. Your guarantee lasts 1 year from your date of payment. If you do schedule another consult, then you are guaranteed an even better price next time: you are guaranteed the price posted previous to the price you just payed! And that guarantee lasts 1 year from the date of payment. Here's a handy chart to illustrate this discount system: my upcoming pricing schedule: March 1st 2015 - July 1st 2015 - Nov 1st 2015 -      March 1st 2016 [$40]  // [$20]                   [$55] [$30]                [Price >$55] [Price > $30]   -     [Price > ...] With regular consults, you will inevitably be paying the lowest price I've ever offered, and you are guaranteed that price for a whole year. If you don't schedule another consult within that one year period, you will start over at the current price. This discount system rewards those who get in early and those who come back.

Refer a friend opportunity

If you have already had a consult and do refer a friend, you get 50% off your next consult for whatever price you have been guaranteed, and your friend gets 25% off the current price. However please note that you cannot gift a friend a consult if you've been guaranteed a discounted price.

Group consult rules

I only consult with 2 people at once: you and just one friend of yours. The price for a group consult will always be the current price. When you split that price with your friend you will still be getting a good price.

Why I use this pricing system

I want my consults to be affordable to up and coming young athletes. I remember when I was a 16 year old living in my parent's house, or a 22 year old in college: I didn't have much money. So I want to make this affordable to this group. My time is very valuable though. I have a real job. I keep this website going. I train. I have a family. I travel quite a bit. I'm a busy man. I don't need the money from these consults, I have enough money already to afford what I need and most of what I really want. But my life gets busier and busier. This pricing system was what I invented to make things fair and fun. CONTACT ME for scheduling We can use Skype or Google Hangouts for a video Q&A or instant messaging Q&A.
  • 90 minute video Q&A is $45
  • 60 minute instant messaging Q&A is $30
Follow up sessions are discounted if you have more questions later:
  • 90 minute video Q&A follow up is $35
  • 60 minute instant messaging Q&A follow up is $25
Follow up pricing only applies to every other Q&A session. You can also mix packages: (Might I suggest a 90 minute video Q&A followed by a 60 minute instant messaging Q&A a few weeks later?  Total price will be $70 for this two part Q&A.) Follow up discount opportunity expires after 30 days. And if you are a user of Google Hangouts, you are welcome to invite one friend to make it a conference video chat. (video chat only, not instant messaging chat). Then you can split the cost with your friend. If you split the cost equally, you both only pay $22.50 for almost 2 hours of video chat time with me. Sweet deal! CONTACT ME for scheduling