Program Comparison Chart

Program Name Type of Training Experience Level Training Split Program Length Equipment Needed Primary Goal(s) Special Focus Other Notes



Flexibility, Splits, Dynamic Stretches & Kicks Beginner to Advanced NA Optional 12-week Flexibility Programs None required. Resistance bands, gymnastics rings, yoga blocks, foam roller, padded surface, stretching mat Everyday & Sport-specific Flexibility Flexibility Core principles covered, including how to build the best flexibility program for your goal(s).
This is NOT a book of stretches, but walks you through how to invent your own stretches.
Splits, Dynamic Flexibility, Ass-to-Grass Squats, and Upper Body Flexibility Programs included
GROUNDBREAKER Powerlifting, Bodybuilding, Jumping (Agility), Flexibility Inter-
mediate to Advanced
4 days/
4-8 week duration, with deload instructions if running for greater than 8 weeks Barbell, Weight Plates, Power rack/squat stand, plyo box*, bands, rings, cable station*, chest fly machine*, GHD*, dumbbells, SSB*, trap bar*, Preacher Curl bench*, pull up bar
Opt for gym membership if resources limited
Most athletic, well-rounded training program, best for those who are looking to improve overall athletic performance that especially translates well to team sports, combat sports, strongman training Elements of static strength compound lifts, hypertrophy training, agility/explosive strength, and unique skill acquisition of choice Appendices with workout logs for easy tracking and “bird’s eye view” of the program. Juji’s real logs are included as an example.
Can be used as a bridge between static strength & explosive acrobatic skills
The Almost Naked Athlete Calisthenics, Ring Training, Strength Training Beginner to Inter-
3-4 days/ 7-day cycle 4-5 weeks, with 1-2 week deload depending on fatigue accumulation Gymnastics rings, barbell, weight plates (enough for your 70% max), optional bands and sturdy support structure (like plyo box or chair) to help regress/advance movements (especially rings) Building strength & skill with limited resources (time, equipment) Focuses on upper body strength, athleticism, and aesthetics. Intensification methods and best way to adjust load to ring exercises explained, as well as how to regress and advance the movements based on skill level 2 detailed programing methods for program application, including proper use of deloads
5 stock routines (2 ring-only, 2 barbell-only, 1 ring + barbell)
Appendices with workout logs for easy tracking and “bird’s eye view” of the program.
The Invincible Athlete Powerlifting, Bodybuilding, Flexibility, Grip Training Inter-
7-day cycle 4-week program Power rack with safety bars/pins; standard barbell with plate weights, bar to hang from, GHD*, reverse hyper*, lat pulldown machine*, chest fly machine/cable station*, rings, stretching mat, foam roller*, dip belt, light resistance bands (1 meter length)
Opt for gym membership if resources limited
Bulletproof your back & improve overall athleticism Five of six workouts are focused on building a stronger back. This will protect you in different athletic endeavors. Remaining session is focused on athletic flexibility routine for every athlete. Added foot and ankle conditioning and stretches. No direct arm training
Appendices with workout logs for easy tracking and “bird’s eye view” of the program.
The Next Step Sport-specific warm ups (powerlifting, team sports, etc), bodybuilding, various types of cardio Beginner to Advanced (depending on application) 4 Types of Routines depending on goal. Intensity can be easily scaled. Can be added to existing programs to meet sport-specific &/or body composition goals Unlimited, scale back with fatigue accumulation Resistance bands (mixed lengths of 12 inch/30cm & 40+ inch/1+ meter), light weights (25lb and less; adjustable dumbbells work great!), sturdy box/chair to step up on, pullup bar/something to hang from; long pvc pip/stick, foam roller Optimize cardiovascular health & endurance, enhance skill acquisition, proper warm ups for main training sessions, aid in achieving body composition goals Unique application of 4 different types of routines to help achieve desired goal. WHEN to apply each type of routine is explained, too!

Dietary principles & recommendations are outside of the scope of this program
Minimal equipment requirements as most routines are meant to be done at home or even while traveling
Appendices with workout logs for easy tracking and “bird’s eye view” of the program.
Can run at the same time as other programs
Backflip Training Manual Skill Acquisition, Jumping (Agility), Flexibility, Function al Core Strength NA - Almost anyone of any training experience can train for a backflip, though the ease and time it takes to achieve it are impacted by certain variable, like height, weight, age, athletic background. Optimally a 4-day split per 7-day cycle 4-week backflip training program Gymnastics or cheerleading gym (for trampoline & plyo floor, stackable mats), a friend/spotter, rings/TRX bands, jump rope, computer with internet access Backflip skill acquisition through backflip-specific mobility, explosiveness and ab workouts Functional core strength (truly one of the best core exercises)!
Fear is a major obstacle for most people when learning to backflip, so I included the process by which I overcame my fear and worked up the courage and confidence to start unlocking this skill.
Essentially this is the formula for Skill Acquisition- NOT JUST BACKFLIPS!
Appendices with workout logs for easy tracking and “bird’s eye view” of the program, as well as a 30-day backflip training compliance check off sheet
Can run at the same time as other programs- Examples of how to integrate backflip training into current training split
Backflip accessory exercises
The Builder Positive Training Habits, Application of unique Training Methods for established Athletes, Training Psychology Application Beginner to Advanced (application-dependent) 3 days in Sample Plan (Push/Pull/Legs); otherwise, habit builder workout can easily be integrated into current training split 30-day duration in Sample Plan for Beginners, 1 week deload explanation included No required equipment, though gym membership or home gym (with free weights, including barbell, plates, and dumbbells) encouraged. However, if using the sample program, gym access is strongly recommended. Build positive training habits to start training, keep training and new ways to think about training in those who are burnt out with training Each “workout” tackles a different mental/physical/ social obstacle(s) that can prevent one from enjoying training, maintaining &/or starting a training program.
These strategies can be implemented into other splits and one’s current plan, especially if building positive habits and/or reviving training motivation
8 Habit Builder Workouts
30-day Compliance Calendar
Let’s Grow Some Muscle Bodybuilding-style hypertrophy training Inter-
mediate to Advanced
6-9 day training split, examples given 4 week, can be repeated Active gym membership- extensive use of dumbbells, machines for body part isolation, lifting straps, resistance bands of various resistance levels, gymnastic rings Bodybuilding isolation training to aid in muscle growth when massing and maintaining muscle mass when cutting. Unique priming exercises to kickstart some workouts, strategic use of intensification methods, rest breaks, challenge sets
Grow muscle to help “bulletproof” your body
Dietary principles & recommendations are outside of the scope of this program
Appendices with blank workout logs for easy tracking and “bird’s eye view” of the program
Brief discussion on emotional regulation in training
Microloading benefits in isolation exercises
The Bridge Strongman, Bodybuilding, Powerlifting, Calisthenics Inter-
mediate to Advanced

Flexible 10-day training split based off of recovery capacity. Difficulty can be altered by adjusting microcycle duration +/- 1 or more days. 

Minimum 4 week for optimal use, can be repeated indefinitely.  Active gym membership recommended & optimally have access to strongman equipment but not essential, machines for leg isolation work, squat machine, gymnastic rings

Add GO into Your SHOW muscles or SHOW into GO muscles!

For use BETWEEN very specific training phases to rebuild recuperative capacities and enthusiasm (IE - bodybuilding show preps, strongman contests and powerlifting preps.)

Build general strength & size that has excellent carryover to future specific training phases.

GPP work for productive training volume while accumulating minimal fatigue



Inline periodization

No strict muscle group split (not a bro split).

5 Unique Routines, including the “No-Spine” Leg workout

Appendices with blank workout logs for easy tracking and “bird’s eye view” of the program

Extensive discussion on exercise rotation over various microcycles

Training philosophy of each routine explained to add more tools to your training toolbox