Personalized programs


What kind of program?

A personalized program that can consist of training, tricking, eating, lifestyle hacks, routines, instructions and suggestions to help you level up.


Starts at just $200

What you get:

Expect a fucking piece of art. Something completely different than a couple impotent pages of bird dog and fire hydrant mobility type exercises. There will be no calorie counting the slices of toast and fruits you eat for breakfast and snack time. You aren't going to get something that looks like a financial table with a bunch of reps, sets, and percentages. I don't use templates or recycle program, I start from scratch for every program I write. I'm wasteful with my time because I'm very thoughtful. In a word: I fucking care. I will waste a lot of my time making you something that is 100% you, from 100% me.  It will be crazy, personalized, and bad ass.

Who this is for:

If you sense that I have the experience, knowledge, and personality to help you reach your next level based on what you know about me, it's for you. CONTACT ME

How to get a personalized program:

Step 1, CONTACT ME about your interest in a personalized program by Jujimufu. Tell me all about you, your life, your goals, and what you want from a personalized program. Step 2, I'll let you know if this is right for you. If it's not, I'll just give you some pointers and send you on your way. If it is right for you... Step 3, I walk around with you in the back of my mind for about a week. It's certain that I will randomly pop back up in your inbox with more questions during that time. I need information and I need time to gather it. You need time to think of all the things that would be helpful for me to consider when I work on something for you. This will allow me to estimate the effort it's going to take to create you a program. Step 4, I say "Eureka! I know exactly what I want to make this person" and I quote you a price and give you a synopsis of what it is I'm capable of delivering to you. Step 5, you pay me the unique price I quote you. Step 6, one weekend morning soon after I'm payed, I'll wake up at 5 am as usual, put some heavy music on and drink an irresponsible amount of coffee while I sit on my butt for hours pouring my heart into crafting you something. I'll start the entire process from a blank document. After that, I'll tweak it and add to during the following week and give you updates about my progress. And when I'm done, I'll present it to to you. Then we can make some adjustments. We'll start this together. I'm not just going to drop it on you and vanish. I'm giving you both a direction, and a push. CONTACT ME if you're ready for this!