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I mostly listen to metal. I have crafted a collection of public metal playlists on Google Play Music, anyone can see the listed songs and sample! Subscribe to Google Play All Access Music for just $10 per month to listen to all these tracks in full length (highly recommended, better than Pandora). These Google Play Music playlists are my own dynamic playlists, so I listen to them myself and add to them regularly!
  • Note: Some songs I wanted to add are not available on Google Play.
  • I've listed the missing songs in this .txt document:

Jujimufu's Music missing songs text file

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The Jujimufu Alphabet of Metal

  1. I picked a few of my favorite songs from bands
  2. Then play-listed them alphabetically by artist name.
Jujimufu metal music Jujimufu metal music Jujimufu metal music Jujimufu metal music Jujimufu metal music Jujimufu metal music Jujimufu metal music Jujimufu metal music Jujimufu metal music Jujimufu metal music Jujimufu metal music Jujimufu metal music Jujimufu metal music Jujimufu metal music Jujimufu metal music Jujimufu metal music Jujimufu metal music Jujimufu metal music

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Playlists that are not metal!

Jujimufu's top metal albums of all time


Favorite 10 ordered by year and name:

Anubis Gate - s/t album cover Anubis Gate - s/t (2011) - Progressive metal that is complicated and catchy, without coming off as pompous. I've listened to it from start to finish countless times, never itching to skip a track. In fact, overall, this is my favorite through-listen album of all time. Vanden Plan - The Seraphic Clockwork album cover Vanden Plas - The Seraphic Clockwork (2010) - Progressive metal that sucks you right in. Love it when they get heavy. The first 3 tracks are killer and the rest is fucking great. Angra - Temple of Shadows album cover Angra - Temple of Shadows (2004) - Power metal arranged somewhat progressively, this is Angra's best album by far. Complete with catchy, addictive recurring melodies and themes, the fun Brazilian sound and the ups and downs will hold your attention to the very end. Everything else they've done downright sucks compared to this one. As far as Angra goes, this is it. Callenish Circle - My Passion / Your Pain album cover Callenish Circle - My Passion // Your Pain (2003) - Death metal. A real gem! Heavy, thick, and plenty of bass. High energy and easy to break into and away from. This is a very useful album to have on your training playlist. Pain of Salvation - Remedy Lane album cover Pain of Salvation - Remedy Lane (2002) - Progressive metal. This is a very moody, emotional, and unusual album... about sex... It's a masterpiece. Bonus recommendation: I've gotten stoned a few times in my past, and this is one of the best things you can listen to like that. Gamma Ray - No World Order album cover Gamma Ray - No World Order (2001) - Power metal. Gamma Ray's only good album in my opinion, and boy is it gooooood! This is what I call perfect power metal. Actually, this is the best power metal album there is in existence. Nevermore - Dead Heart in a Dead World album cover Nevemore - Dead Heart in  Dead World (2000) - Progressive Power Death Metal? What genre is Nevermore exactly? Who cares, because whatever it is this album will wipe the floor with you. If I had to pick just one album to train to for the rest of my life, this would be it. Makes me want to sit down and snap and sniff a box of 100 ammonia inhalants one by one until the box is empty, or the album ends, whichever one comes first. Overkill - Bloodletting album cover Overkill - Bloodletting (2000) - Thrash Metal. Overkill's best album. Every song on this album is incredibly fun and catchy. This one is definitely going to put a grin on your face and make you stomp your feet! So yeah, this is the most fun album of my top ten. Pain of Salvation - The Perfect Element I album cover Pain of Salvation - The Perfect Element I (2000) - Progressive metal from Pain of Salvation again? Oh yeah! This album has one of the biggest cult followings of any progressive metal album out there. The sound the band achieved on this album is so rare, that nothing like it has been made since, even by the band itself. Manowar - Louder than Hell album cover Manowar - Louder than Hell (1996) - Heavy metal! Brother's of Metal! Fighting for metal, metal that is real! The best of the cheesiest of the cheesy heavy metals. So cheesy that it transcends cheese, and goes beyond, to the realms of beyond-cheese metal history. One of the most popular metal albums of all time.

And the rest!

  • Royal Hunt - A Life to Die for (2013) - Progressive metal
  • Anathema - Weather Systems (2012) - Progressive rock/metal
  • Dead Letter Circus - This is the Warning (2010) - Progressive rock/metal
  • DGM - FrAme (2009) - Progressive power metal
  • Mercenary - Architect of Lies (2008) - Heavy metal
  • Warrel Dane - Praises to the War Machine (2008) - Moody death metal
  • Circus Maximus - Isolate (2007) - Progressive metal
  • DGM - Different Shapes (2007) - Progressive metal
  • Shadow Gallery - Tyranny (2007) - Progressive metal
  • Threshold - Dead Reckoning (2007) - Progressive rock/metal
  • Almah - Almah (2006) - Power metal
  • Andromeda - Chimera (2006) - Progressive metal
  • Roswell six - Terra Incognito (2006) - Progressive rock/metal
  • Kiko Loureiro - No Gravity (2005) - Instrumental Brazilian rock/metal
  • Pagan's Mind - Enigmatic Calling (2005) - Progressive metal
  • XsavioR - Caleidoscope (2005) - Progressive metal
  • Heimdall - Hard as Iron (2004) - Power metal
  • Vision Divine - Stream of Consciousness (2004) - Power metal
  • Wintersun - Wintersun (2004) - Black folk metal
  • Firewind - Burning Earth (2003) - Heavy metal
  • Kamelot - Epica (2003) - Power metal
  • Masterplan - Masterplan (2003) - Power metal
  • Opeth - Damnation (2003) - Progressive mood metal
  • Iron Maiden - Brave New World (2002) - Iron Maiden metal
  • Helloween - The Dark Ride (2000) - Power metal
  • D.C. Cooper - S/T (1999) - Rock/Metal
  • Bruce Dickinson - The Chemical Wedding (1998) - Heavy metal
  • Iced Earth - Something Wicked This Way Comes (1998) - Dark heavy metal

Find something you like?

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