Habitica Weekers

weeker is a temporary Daily that you use for a week. Honestly I just made the word up, haha. Here is a weeker: jujimufu_habitrpg_weeker_daily I'd do this just to jump start my shoulder mobility. Then I'd quit. I could do it for any amount of time I wanted to, but I'd set a target duration. In this case, 1 week. Since I know I only have to do this for 1 week, it's a little easier to convince myself to do it: there is an end in sight. Just in case you're curious, here are the exercises in this daily. I do them at home. jujimufu_habitrpg_weeker_hanging_shoulder_mobility_ido_portal jujimufu_habitrpg_weeker_banded_anterior_shoulder_stretch jujimufu_habitrpg_weeker_rear_delt_stretch_manual jujimufu_habitrpg_weeker_voodoo_floss_shoulder_smash jujimufu_habitrpg_weeker_lacrosse_ball_massage_shoulder Indefinite Habits and Dailies can be daunting. Just one more thing after another after another after another. Time, energy, and will are limited resources. Use Weekers to more accurately represent your current needs through Habitica, thus, making the game more effective and purposeful.