Habitica Root Habits

Here's a Habitica item I've had a hard time with: jujimufu_habitrpg_film_daily My goal is to film something everyday. I have had an incredibly difficult time with this one! Why? Some difficult habits are difficult because they are dependent upon other habits or optimizations that are not yet developed. Write down any inner dialogue you have about avoiding the habit.

Write down your inner dialogues

Here are mine regarding filming:

“Inner Dialogue: I’m not at my best, why film now?”

“Inner Dialogue: I can do it later.”

"Inner Dialogue: Filming is inconvenient."

“Inner Dialogue: Don’t want to inconvenience anyone by asking them to film me do this.”

“Inner Dialogue: What will I do with this footage anyway? Probably nothing...”

My aversion to Filming is rooted in so many self-doubts that simply throwing “Filming” anywhere into Habitica has been futile for me. And has cost me lots of HP during game-play!

Finding effective Root Habits

By analyzing my inner dialogues, I can determine what Root Habits are missing that the Habit of filming may depend upon. First, I need a good self-talking to! Pep myself up! But second, modifying Habitica: here are some Root Habits I created as Dailies to support my goal of filming something daily: jujimufu_habitrpg_root_habit_1 I've noticed if I have a back log of footage to capture off my camcorder, I'm more averse to adding clips to video projects. jujimufu_habitrpg_root_habit_4 Adding footage to a project immediately does something important: it gives me an idea of what I need to film next. I can then make a list of things to film and that gives me some direction with the habit of filming something everyday. jujimufu_habitrpg_root_habit_2 Finally, it's easier to film something when you know exactly how you want it to come out. jujimufu_habitrpg_root_habit_3 Storyboard is nothing more than a plan for a film shot. It means knowing ahead of time the filming angles, words, outfit... basically what should be filmed. What happens during filming will still undoubtedly be spontaneous as always, but a storyboard helps get me started.

Root Actions

Root Habits may not be all you need to facilitate a stubborn Habitica Habit or Daily, some one-time actions may be necessary. For my goal of filming something everyday, buying better tripods for my camcorder and getting a friend or family member comfortable filming me regularly would help tremendously.

Your turn

Now think of your most challenging Habitica tasks, note your inner dialogue and think of Root Habits and Root Actions to help you out!