Habitica Piggybank Projects

Let’s say some of the things I want to do would be to write two eBooks, strengthen my ankles for better tricking, create more playlists from my music library and expand my music tastes, make a master tricking sampler that is a remix of all the footage I’ve ever captured since I started years back, organize my computer files once and for all, get better at keyboard shortcutting, get tanned, get a new job, and save up some money for something big. If I want to do this stuff I'll have to work on them all. Duh. Progress in some of the things we want is particularly influenced heavily by daily, small efforts. The things mentioned in the first paragraph above are all good examples. With these goals in particular, if I worked on each of them 5 minutes per day then my chances for success would be better than if they were just kept on some lofty "one day" list. Here’s how it works in the real world though: when I intend to put in only 5 minutes toward something, I might only work on it for 5 minutes, but this start creates an opportunity for getting on a winning streak, I might be on a roll and work for hours. Everyday I start something, and whatever takes off I go with it, but everyday I give each of my projects a start, one line, one stroke, one five minute moment at least. So here’s how I would set it up in Habitica jujimufu_habitrpg_multiproject This is a Daily with a difficulty of HARD so it’s rewarding, and I pick the days I wanted this to repeat. jujimufu_habitrpg_multiproject_settings
  • Everyday start as early as you can to begin tackling items off the list.
  • Start with the easiest one.
  • Build momentum as you go from the easiest to the hardest.
  • Try to do them all within an hour. Time yourself. Time attack mode. Make it a game.
  • If you're having difficulty, strip your list down to three sub-items.
One thing you are definitely going to experience is that sometimes this feels very robotic. Like you are just half-assing something to check it off on some list. That’s fine, do it anyway, because tomorrow you may not half ass it, and whatever you “half assed” today may be exactly the spring board for you to have an explosion of productivity tomorrow. For example, maybe yesterday I wrote just one sentence in my eBook project half-assed. Today I may look at that sentence and think: “Hmmm… I can add to that.” or “That’s wrong, that’s not right, here’s why.” and this will trigger a storm of productive work! One caveat: this obviously doesn't work for everything. If you want to get better at tricking you cannot achieve this by tricking 5 minutes per day. 5 minutes isn't even enough to warmup for tricking... And this goes for strength training and many other things that require a warmup of some sort. For these type of efforts, you should periodize, click here and read the first part of that page to understand what I'm talking about.