HabitRPG Training mesocycles

You can use HabitRPG to create a training mesocycle (2 weeks to 2 months) using the Todos. This is different than using the HabitRPG Dailies and Habits to guide your training as I described on the page HabitRPG for Training. [picture of mesocycle] First, who is this for? This is for anyone who doesn't like weekly programming, and instead, trains more instinctively. Day by day. When you train this way, you may still desire some level of guidance and compliance. Here's how to do that without HabitRPG on paper: [month] So for the month coming up, you preplan a certain number of training sessions of different types. You can do them anytime you want, as long as you get them done. Next month, you make changes. So if I'm trying to get ready for tricking season, next month I might up my volume of tricking, like so: [month] If you've never tried this, try it, because it's better than nothing. Now, I like doing this in HabitRPG... because I like HabitRPG. Take a look: [image] Notice I have several todos, each for a type of training, each with a certain number of sessions, each with a date. At the end of the period (the mesocycle), the goal is to complete all the sessions. After the month is up, you recreate new ones.