Habitica Choice Dailies

I have the following Habitica Daily in my setup, jujimufu_habit_rpg_trick_or_try I have the choice of just tricking, or doing a series of things that support my tricking. This ensures I am doing something positive for my tricking everyday, whether I trick or not. I merely check off the entire Daily itself if I reach either of these outcomes. This type of setup allows flexibility when using Habitica Dailies. I can make it even more motivating by creating a + only Habit to reward myself if I do everything on that list. Like this: jujimufu_habitrpg_tricked_and_tried_dual_choice_daily When creating it, make it HARD difficulty to make it more rewarding: jujimufu_habitrpg_tricked_and_tried_dual_choice_daily_edit Another method of using Choice Dailies is something like this, jujimufu_habit_rpg_2-3choicedaily With this Daily, someone would only have to complete 2/3 of the tasks in it to get full points. Again, there is a choice. If the same sub-item on a list like this is being skipped over and over again that would be a clue to change it or substitute it entirely. Finally, one more way to add choice to your Dailies would be something like this, jujimufu_habit_rpg_multichoicedaily The use of this is to guarantee 90 minutes of training everyday, in anyway one chooses.