QUICK STATS: Age 34. Height 5″10 (178cm).  Bodyweight 240 lbs (109 kgs). Training since 1999.

My name is Jon Call, but most know me as Jujimufu. I’m the guy who did the weighted chair split videos that went viral. I also competed on America’s Got Talent Season 11.

Jujimufu on America's Got Talent Season 11

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About me, Jujimufu:

I’m 34 years old, living in the United States in the state of North Carolina. I’ve been training and dieting since 1999. In 2000 I started teaching myself something called tricking (tricking is an aesthetic blend of flips, twists and kicks). In 2002 I launched the website trickstutorials.com where I grew the largest community of online tricksters outside of social media. As I grew into an adult I began to combine my tricking talents with recreational bodybuilding and strength pursuits. Now I’m focusing on expressing my fitness capabilities with a coloring of humor and wisdom to reach the broadest audience.

Jujimufu training Q & A:

How did you get started training?

When I was 13 I began training Taekwondo.

How did you get started tricking?

I discovered it online when I was 15, and tried teaching myself in my backyard. I got the hang of it.


How did you get started lifting weights?

My parents got me a gym membership when I was 14.  The gym was right across the street from my school, so I lifted weights after school while I waited for them to give me a ride back home. I fell in love with deadlifts and squats and have continued training them.


How did you get flexible?

When I was 15, I had a goal: get the full splits to put it in my free kata for my Taekwondo training. I trained my flexibility every night for almost 2 hours and in 2 months I reached my goal.


When I got the splits I never lost them. I’ve spent over half my life training flexibility and years writing my book on it, Legendary Flexibility.


What’s your height and body weight?

5″10 (178cm) and fluctuate between 230-240 lbs (104-109 kg).


How many days a week do you train?

NOT EVERYDAY! Although I did train everyday for the year 2018 as an experiment. I wrote a book on it called Train 365. Usually I train about 5 days per week for 1-2 hours at a time.


How do you train?

For skillwork I just work on my favorite moves. For bodybuilding I do the opposite: I put most of my work toward my weaknesses instead of my favorites. For example, I have terrible genetics for pectoral and bicep development, so I have to work those groups more. While my back responds to any sort of mindlessness; it adapts quickly to new loads and exercises.


What’s your diet?

I eat a generic body builder diet. 6 meals a day. High protein. I prefer increasing carbohydrate intake and reducing fat intake. My daily PCF split is probably something like 40:40:20.


Chicken breasts, beef organ meat, steamed and sliced veggies, white rice.


Beef liver and beef heart over mashed potatoes white and sweet. With sliced raw onions and garlic on top.

I always have food on hand when I meal prep in big batches. (Some of these are frozen).

I always have food on hand when I meal prep in big batches. (I freeze some of them.)

I prefer eating hypoallergenic foods. So I try to avoid oats, wheat, peanut butter, milk, etc.  I also eat very high quantities of the angriest foods like garlic, ginger root, lemons, rosemary, cinnamon, etc. And I juice fresh fruits and vegetables everyday to maintain my health because Jack Lalanne did it and he was a real winner.


Wanna try my Jujijuice healthy juice recipe?

What supplements do you use?

Everything, A-Z. (When I can afford it.)

Jujimufu personal Q & A

What do you do to earn a living?

I worked as a technical manager for a biotechnology group for 7 years after I graduated college. I quit my job in December 2016 because I began making so much more money doing fitness that it made no sense to continue working my old job.

Now, my friend Tom Boyden and I run multiple businesses and social platforms together. We have a growing team of people helping us!

My advice for earning a living for anyone, is to try to do it by doing something you’d be doing anyway, regardless if you were getting paid. If that’s not possible, then earn your living doing something passable or easy, that doesn’t get in the way of you living your life outside of it. NEVER EVER EVER work a job you hate: quit and get an easy job.

What do you do in your free time?

Organize my thoughts into text documents. Clean stuff. Walk around aimlessly in my backyard. Be with my wife.

What is the name Jujimufu?

When I was 14 years old I wanted a username for AOL messenger. I became frustrated when all the other names I wanted to register were taken. In a rage I spat out JUJIMUFU, which, of course, wasn’t taken and is complete nonsense.  And it has been my curse since then.

What motivates you?

Ideas motivate me. I’m motivated to act on these ideas because they haunt me until I make a video or write about them to share with others. This is the only thing that has ever motivated me. People encourage me to continue because they sometimes like what I do, and this motivates me to come up with more ideas. Most importantly though, I act on my ideas, because I don’t want someone to do them before me! And so it goes in a circle round and round…

Your life advice?

Know the difference between not taking something seriously, and being capable of laughing at it because you’ve overcome it. There is nothing on this earth that you cannot work to one day stand above and make a joke about or be silly about. That includes yourself. If life is still too heavy to make fun of for you, then at least begin training yourself to smile. Because you will make more friends when you smile more, and friends can help with some of the heaviest lifting.

Jujimufu smiling