Reminding yourself to succeed


A story of insane reminders

The other day I was driving home from school listening to some of the best heavy metal on earth. Iced Earth, Helloween... I was obviously engaged in some serious head banging.  At that moment I thought of something. I should do a jacknife today! this thought would not have come into my mind had I not gazed into my rear view mirror and noticed the not-so-obvious jacknife written on my forehead.

Jujimufu, Jacknife

I continued on my way home envisioning myself executing jacknives. When I arrived at my house I prepared for a fun tricking session. I refilled my glycogen stores, ripped off my shirt, wrapped on a bandana, emptied my colon, grabbed some water, and ran outside!  When I reached the park I started to warm up. I threw some kicks when suddenly I realized that I had forgotten what trick I was meaning to try. Hmmmm.... Nope, couldn't think of it. Frustrated, I began sticking to stuff I could already do. Suddenly, while executing a 540 kick I noticed my entire leg had markings on it. After the kick I checked it out.

Aerial switch / Reverse gainer


A, C, C, D, B, C, C, A, A, B

Awesome! Not only did this reminder help me earlier in the day to cheat on that multiple choice Geo science quiz, but it also reminded me of a simple combo I was wanting to try earlier in the day.

Jujimufu, cheat

Whoa! Glad I was reminded or I wouldn't have thought of trying it! Cool beans! The first reminder (which I forgot) had got me tricking, and the second reminder had made my tricking session better. I finished, went home, and drank some water from the hose in my backyard.

Sometimes to succeed in life and tricking you need nothing more than a series of insane reminders. There are many ways to apply insane reminders to your tricking.

Some insane reminders might include:

  • Writing on your body! DUH! We've already been through this. However, writing jacknife on your forehead isn't the best of ideas, you only tend to notice it if you're looking in the mirror. However, if you're like me you're looking in the mirror ALL day anyway. Simply because you're gorgeous, just like me.

  • Place larger notes near various hygiene products that reside in your bathroom! Often I go to apply after shave and read to myself that tricking is HARDCORE. This enhances my mood greatly!

  • Leave them in inconspicuous places like your attic. Sure you may never go up in your attic and you may waste your time going up there to write trick terms all over the place but it's fun! You'll also never be reminded... Oh wait, that's not a good reminder. Scratch that.

  • Leave a list of tricking goals in your locker at school along with some pornography. You do have a locker, don't you?

  • Get breakfast involved! What's better than eggs for breakfast? How about a 540, aerial twist, flashkick, or an asshole?

  • Post it notes, easy! Those things can be put anywhere!

  • Fresh! NO?!

Jujimufu, shaving

Jujimufu, eggs

Jujimufu, post it notes

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  • Lees Dragon on

    Haha, this brings back good memories. I remember reading this yeeaaaaaars ago and totally copying a few of your ideas as a youngster.
    It makes me smile to read this again. =) =) =)
    Ahhhhh nostalgia.. (^. ^)

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