Tricking Supplements Volume III


Anything but oral

Here are some supplement-type-things that can help your tricking and tricking projects that are non-oral.

Take it up the ass: Glycerin suppository

Glycerin suppository, Glycerin suppository before training

Try tricking when you're full of shit. It's uncomfortable. Glycerin suppositories are very cheap, and have a non-residual effectiveness. It goes in, stays in for 1-5 minutes on average, and then everything comes out. Unlike other laxatives that are more systematic and latent in their effect, once the Glycerin does its job it's pretty much done (usually). At worst, you might have to take one more shit fifteen minutes later or so. Try it if you want to feel really light before you tricking session and your bowels don't want to cooperate with your wishes. And be sure to smell your finger after you poke the suppository up your anus.

Crawling in my skin: Capsaicin sports rub

Mineral ice sucks Mineral ice, IcyHot

Menthol based analgesic sports rubs are trash. But the ones with Capsaicin extract in them have value.

Capsaicin sports rub ingredients Good capzasin sports rub

These help reduce pain and increase bloodflow to the area applied, which goes a long way in working around problem areas during tricking. This stuff is really helpful during winter, I like rubbing it all around my knees during cold sessions; It's not as useful during summer when it's hot. If you have patellar tendon issues, or elbow tendon issues, or a shoulder irritation, or a slightly upset muscle in your lower back, etc: Rub a little on it before you go tricking. I repeat: A LITTLE. This stuff can cause massive pain if you put too much on. And the hotter you get, the hotter it gets. Go take a hot shower to wash this stuff off and you'll understand what I mean.

Note: I also like Arnica based sports rubs, and Tiger balm, but not as much as Capsaicin based sports rubs.

Take a whiff: Ammonia inhalants

Will I ever shut up about Ammonia inhalants? No. They're highly non-addictive, highly cost-effective, and highly hardcore. I'll be honest, I'd like to give the impression that I'm so psychotic that I use a box of these a week, but the truth is I only use a couple of them a month. But those few I use, are a lot of fun!

Timbuk 2 messenger bag

Fisherman's friend tin

Fisherman's friend tin

Jujimufu ammonia inhalant container

Eye of the Beholder: Gunnars + Visine

Beholder, D&D

Dedicated tricksters spend a lot of time watching tricking videos, writing about tricking, but most importantly, editing tricking video projects.

Jujimufu, Aerosterous, Aerosterous edit

It may seem ridiculous, but I spent over 400 hours editing Aerosterous: A video that's only about 150 seconds long. This either acclaims my attention to detail or suggests an inability to produce works at a reasonable pace; either way, it meant I wanted to rub my eyeballs out of their sockets during many of the 5+ hour editing sessions. Taking a break wasn't an option, because intermittent editing was a strategy that failed me. When I had inspiration I had to go with it, even if it meant my spending almost the entirety of a weekend staring at a screen.

Jujimufu Gunnars, Visine Tired eyes

To alleviate my eye fatigue and increase my tricking video and website writing stamina, I bought two things: A particular kind of eye drops and Digital eyewear.

Gunnars Digital Eyewear

Of course I was skeptical of the Gunnar digital eyewear at first, who isn't? The hype and marketing is just so over-the-top you want to hate them. And the prices are too high. Luckily, I found a page on their site that had pairs at 50% of their normal pricing, which was more appropriate for me to consider giving them a try.

Jujimufu Gunnar glasses

The verdict? They're great! I wish I had these when I had started the Aerosterous video project, but at least now I have them for my future projects. I give them 10/10. I have no complaints about them at all.

In fact, I can think of a few other uses for these things. Since they block/reflect blue wavelength light, they theoretically could allow you to work on the computer longer up until bedtime, because blue wavelength light is the most detrimental to healthy melatonin secretion. Without overly-inhibiting melatonin secretion, quality of sleep and sleep onset time would both improve. Go team technology! Even a meat head like me loves Gunnars!

Visine Tired Eye

Visine Tired Eyes

The Visine eye drops I got contain some lubricants and ocular nutrients. Yes, they do make your eyes feel better after about 5 minutes when the blurriness wears off from the eye drop hitting your eyeball. Combined with the Gunnars, you have a recipe for digital tricking project performance enhancement. These things are not substitutes for a good night's rest though, remember that. :-)

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  • Lee on

    Hey Juji,

    I got a Capsaicin rub its not as hot as my Menthol one is that normal?



  • Jon Call on

    You won’t feel capsaicin rubs much until you begin moving and using the muscles. If you don’t feel anything then, try applying to a different area of your body and see what happens. Not sure, because with me the stuff has a good kick to it. I love capsaicin based rubs, they’re the only ones I use.

  • Lee on

    Thanks for the reply.

    I’ll try it out.

    Thanks again.

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