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Should you be eating different things as a trickster than as a bodybuilder or strength athlete? No. Should you be eating different things as both a trickster and bodybuilder / strength athlete? No. But if you want to grow muscles, you must eat more.

Going from 180 lbs to 200 lbs (80 kilo to 90 kilo) is uncomfortable for your tricking whether it happens in 1 week or 10 years.  Food volume, glycogen, muscle, fat, water, it doesn't matter.  No matter what the weight gain is from it's going to be uncomfortable no matter what.  If your gains are 100% pure muscle, your tricking will STILL be more uncomfortable at the higher weight.  Period.  There is no way around it.  If you want to be more muscular you have to eat more, and being more muscular means harder tricking.

When eating more for muscle growth, eat to stay healthy otherwise your growth will come with a price (bad blood work, hypertension, energy crashes, lethargy).  Eat "clean" and "healthy" foods.  No need to complicate it: meat, protein powders, potatoes, rice, oats, fruits and vegetables.  Give it time.  If you aren't gaining weight you aren't eating enough.  Eat more.  If you can't eat more watch Furious Pete videos on YouTube for eating inspiration.  Force feed yourself.

Initially, when you begin eating more, your weight will shoot up quick.  This isn't muscle it's food volume, water weight, glycogen, nitrogen retention, etc.  This environment is what your muscles need to grow, but the initial weight gain will cause problems with your tricking.  Don't give up.  Trick through it, trick hard... The only way to trick big is harder tricking.

Clean diet meal

Clean diet meal

Clean diet meal

Clean diet meal



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  • Kevin Cashman on

    please. more sad car meal pics. love it!

  • Steve on

    HaRdcOre f00ds!

    Really need to improve my breakfast (bowl of granola virtually zero protein :( ) Ruining my 40/40/20 split [rage]
    Work also does not allow use of a microwave in the kitchen (fire hazard >.>)

    So the chicken +oatmeal breakfast, would you have that before you go to work? Then have the cream of rice + p-powder concoction at 9am as well?

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