Acrobolix videos

I’m accepting video submissions for Acrobolix tricksters! See this post for details.


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Green fields and heavy weights – Tricking and Strength Training  Watch on Youtube!

Height = 188cm Weight = 90kg Strength = 2 years Tricking = 10 years off and on

Juji’s comment: Deadlift socks. Ammonia. CLEAN tricks on grass. The splits. This has it all!

Youtube iconInvoking Jujimufu Watch on Youtube!

Height = xcm Weight = xkg Strength = x years Tricking = x years 

Juji’s comment: I think Francesco did a damn good job of making a “Juji style” video!


Youtube iconHadyn Wiseman Tricking/Training Sampler 2014 Watch on Youtube!

Height = xcm Weight = xkg Strength = x years Tricking = x years 

Juji’s comment: Strongest Acrobolix style trickster with elite tricks. A must see! Unbelievable!

Acrobolix tricking, Radenman martial arts

Youtube iconRadenMan the Alchemist 2012 Watch on Youtube!

Height = 180cm Weight = 80kg Strength = 15 years Tricking = 10 years 

Juji’s comment: The flexibility displayed here is WTF?! Those kicks… I’d hate to fight this guy!

Youtube iconTatsumaru’s Valyor: Watch on Youtube!

Height = 6″0 Weight = 180lbs Strength = 8 years Tricking = 10 years 

Juji’s comment: One of my closest and oldest friends with the highest quality of buff tricks!

Josiah + Vova Tricking Powerbuilding 2014
Youtube icon Josiah and Vova Tricking Powerbuilding 2014: Watch on Youtube!

Josiah: Height = 5″11 Weight = 175lbs Strength = 3 years Tricking = 2 years 

Vova: Height = 5″9 Weight = 130lbs Strength = 6 months Tricking = 2 years 

Juji’s comment: Check out the deadlifting at the end! FREAKIN’ STRONG!

Youtube icon Zuzzy 2013: Watch on Youtube!

Height =188cm (6″2) Weight = 93kg (205lbs) Strength = 8 years Tricking ~ 8 years off an on. 

Juji’s comment: Zuzzy is an old man who will not die!

Youtube icon Kris Flemming 2014 Spring: Watch on Youtube!

Height = 176cm (5″10) Weight = 82kg (178lbs) Strength ~ 3 years. Tricking ~ 3 years.

Juji’s comment: WTF strength and invincible form on the lifts here Kris!

Youtube icon Amarelo 2013 Summary: Watch on Youtube!

Height = 176cm (5″10) Weight = 78kg (172lbs) Strength ~ 2 years. Tricking = 8 years.

Juji’s comment: Dude is good at everything!