Tricking Supplements Volume IV

Foods with super supplement effects

This page is about foods with super powers! Eat them if you want super powers too!


Jujimufu shredded, Jujimufu lean

Cinnamon’s ability to magically make me lean boggles my mind.

Jujimufu shredded, Jujimufu lean

Without fail, every time I have gone “on” cinnamon full bore I’ve gotten leaner. Its effects are drug-like in their potency.

  • How does Cinnamon do this?
  • It teaches your body’s cells to respond more favorably to insulin.
  • It has a re-partitioning effect that allows your cells to manage glucose favorably so that you build muscle and burn fat.
  • Basically it’s a performance/physique enhancing drug masquerading around as a spice.
Jujimufu cinnamon


Jujimufu cinnamon

Knock it back.

Jujimufu cinnamon

Take it like medicine.

Jujimufu cinnamon


Bulkfoods cinnamon

25 lbs of pure destiny. And also my nipple.

  • I take about 3-6 TBSP of cinnamon a day.
  • In the morning I use cinnamon in my breakfast protein shake.
  • In the evening I mix it in cottage cheese with a bit of water for my sleep meal.
  • I buy it in bulk from  I keep it in an empty protein powder container.
  • And I take it like I would any other supplement if I’m not putting it in my foods.

Too much cinnamon:

One day I went overboard with cinnamon: I had three protein shakes and put in 1/2 cup of cinnamon in each. If that wasn’t enough, I put in 1/2 cup with my sleep meal too. So that’s 2 cups of cinnamon in one day. After I finished that last cinnamon heavy dish, I felt like I had hit a tipping point. I felt like I had the flu. It was the “cinnamon flu”! It sucked, I felt really sick and felt pain throughout my body haha. That was way too much cinnamon.


Onions are another re-partitioning food. I’ve noticed that when I’m eating onions regularly, my muscles are fuller more often, likely because of enhanced glucose metabolism. Onions also have an uncanny ability to ward off infections and illness. They’re also one of the very best foods for your digestive system.

Jujimufu onions

Just peel it and eat it like an apple.

Jujimufu onions

As the saying goes: an onion a day keeps the proctologist at bay.

I have onion breath pretty much all the time, because I eat at least one medium sized onion every day and have been doing this for years now. I don’t cook my onions, I just eat them raw with other meal foods, and I favor purple onions or any onion that has a fiery bite: the more painful it is to eat, the more potent. I grow small onions in my garden too, and they are strong and sweet!

Too many onions:

I have another story about what happens when you get too much of a good thing. I’ve experienced several episodes of what I call “onion gum rot” … I’ve had this about three times, each time during periods when I overstocked my pantry with onions and I was eating extra onions to keep them from rotting and going to waste (like, 3 strong onions each day). After a few days of over-onioning, my gums would feel like they had cuts all in them, and they would be extremely sensitive to food (especially onions haha!) If you get onion gum rot, it lasts for about two days after you stop eating onions. Don’t panic if you experience it, and don’t stop eating onions: just stop eating so many onions haha!


I eat a lot of cabbage. Several times each week I lightly steam cabbage or just crunch on it raw with other meal foods as I do onions. Why cabbage? Because you can eat loads of it while keeping calories lower. You will feel full while getting razor lean. So for people trying to fight hunger when they cut calories, cabbage is a brilliant choice, one of the very best. Substitute the common starchy carbs in your meals (pasta/breads/potatoes/rice/oats/etc) with cabbage instead. I’m a fan of both green and purple cabbages, you can’t go wrong.

Tricks for eating raw cabbage

Jujimufu cabbage

Alright here’s how I eat my cabbage raw.

Jujimufu cabbage and beef

I fork some meat. Here it’s beef.

Nevermore enemies of reality spoon


Jujimufu diet, Jujimufu dinner, Jujimufu meat

I put the meat in my mouth.

Jujimufu cabbage

I take a piece of cut up cabbage.

Jujimufu eating cabbage

I put that in my mouth and chew them together.

Jujimufu eating cabbage

Sometimes I cheat and dip it in some sort of spaghetti sauce. I don’t eat salad dressing and this is the next best thing in terms of palatability for me.

Too much cabbage:

Too much cabbage will give you some of the worst gas of your life, which can keep you awake all night long if you eat too much at dinner. Just keep that in mind if you begin eating raw cabbage for dinner regularly. Also, even though cabbage will help you get lean and stay lean in the long run, it can cause you to temporarily feel and look bloated, which you can mistake for feeling and looking fat. These negative effects are caused by an indigestible sugar (raffinose) present in cruciferous vegetables like cabbage. To minimize these negative effects, eat less to start with and/or try taking an enzyme supplement like Beano before you eat your cabbage (Beano helps break down the raffinose.)

Cottage cheese

Cottage cheese is one of the most anabolic foods I’ve ever discovered. Whenever I start eating it again after a break, or eat more of it, I get bigger and stronger. I think in athletic circles, cottage cheese is considered a dessert food, but I think it’s appropriate anytime of day. It’s a great way to supplement the protein content of any meal, simply spoon out 1 or 2 servings into a small bowl and eat. It’s also fantastic for protein shakes, it makes them thicker and richer. I prefer to buy No Fat or Low Fat, Small curd variety. If possible, lower sodium and as few ingredients as possible.

Jujimufu lunch, Jujimufu meal

The supplement plan:

Cinnamon (1 TBSP, three times per day): For making you alien lean.
Onions (1 medium onion per day): For chronic muscle fullness and 100% immunity to all illness.
Cabbage (3 meals per week): For increasing leanness by slashing calories and slaying hunger.
Cottage cheese (2 serving per day): For magical muscle growth and strength gains.

23 Replies to “Tricking Supplements Volume IV”

  1. Michael Mara says:

    Hey Juji! What kind of cinnamon do you use? I have both Ceylon and Saigon cinnamons and they taste and feel very different from each other.

    1. Jon Call says:

      I buy it from a US based website called It says on the website it’s cassia cinnamon. I’ve had saigon cinnamon before and to me, there is no taste difference or texture difference between the two. I mean… I spoon it into my mouth and take it like a supplement powder, I suppose if I was to notice a difference that would be the way to tell. 🙂

      1. bob says:

        do you buy the organic one if its available? ive read online most spices imported into the states are irradiated which siginificantly lowers its nutrition/health benefits you mentioned

    2. jaksn says:

      From what i heard, it seems Ceylon cinnamon (true cinnamon) does not offer the effects Juji describes. That is due to the fact, that Ceylon cinnamon does only contain very low coumarin.

      Coumarin on the other hand may be a healthrisk if you consume to much of it. (animal studies resulted in liver damage and cancer on higher doses).

    3. Emily Holtzclaw says:

      For health benefits you must use ceylon, not Saigon. Saigon is bad for you. I don’t know anything about cassia.

  2. Michael Mara says:

    Haha, that’s how I do it too. Ceylon just isn’t as intense, so I’ll stick with saigon or cassia.

  3. Kevin says:

    Saigon all day err day

  4. Josiah says:

    How do you eat cinnamon plain without dying? I heard you can suffocate yourself by doing the cinnamon challenge which is eating it plain. Could I just take cinnamon pills?

    1. Jon Call says:

      You take it with water or milk!

  5. Armando says:

    Currently i’m on a cut and 2 days ago i started supplementing with 4tbsp of cinnamon a day, you mention that everytime you “go on cinnamon” you get lean, how many days/weeks does it take you to start noticing the effects of cinnamon? Do you notice the cinnamon effects with cutting calories+cinnamon or does the effects appear just by consuming cinnamon and don’t changing anything else? Do you cycle your cinnamon consumption? Have you noticed other effects besides what you wrote?

    1. Jon Call says:

      Armando! It will not turn a fat person into a lean person and it will not keep you from getting fat if you are over-eating. For me, it makes a leaner me, or a leaning out me even leaner. It takes months of regular consumption. I do not cycle cinnamon, I take 2 TBSP a day minimum and just take it straight with water after a couple meals. The other effect of cinnamon that I have been able to perceive, is, that since it is a fiber, it will help you poop. It makes poop a bit darker and it makes poop a lot stickier. So it will stick to the bowl. This is why if you eat a lot of cinnamon your toilet will always have some small poop marks all in the bowl. Too much information? Well, someone had to say it. I’m sure anybody else here eating cinnamon like me will say “AHA! Yes I notice the same thing.” … If not, maybe my butt just sucks.

      1. J says:

        I definitely notice the same thing even with 1 tbl spoon a day.

  6. Armando says:

    i did some research on the mater and it appears that cinnamon have some anti-diabetic and insulin related properties so as you noted in the article it helps you to make a better use of glucose, i was asking about the effects of cinnamon whithout changing anything else, because of how it works i was hoping that you noticed some body recomposition properties, but this was only wishful thinking hahahaha.

    the other effects are interesting, i just started to consume it and i haven’t had that problem yet, maybe because i use 1 or 2 tbsp of psyllium daily, but is good to know the little bits of information that nobody tells you so it doesn’t surprise you if it happens 🙂

  7. Matt says:

    JUJI! I tried to follow your advice for one whole onion per day. I broke out in rashes, had a terrible migraine, and woke up around 1 AM this morning sweating furiously and feeling like my whole body was on fire. Turns out I have an onion allergy, or at least an onion intolerance. From what I’ve read, cooking the onion essentially removes the protein that causes this kind of reaction. Even then, I probably can’t eat that volume of onions 🙁 Would cooking them also remove their capacity “for chronic muscle fullness and 100% immunity to all illness”? Would there be a good substitute?

    As always, thanks man! You’re the best!

    1. Jon Call says:

      Wow really? That’s not a common allergy… Allergic responses happen sometimes due to the sheer volume of food. 1 onion may be too much for you. In fact 1 onion is a lot lol… I think I’m a bit crazy. Try 1/4th an onion per day one week from now. Or try a different species of onion?

      You can get many similar health benefits and more from garlic… They’re both from the same family. I eat onion and garlic interchangeably myself now. I either eat 2-3 cloves of garlic per day or I eat 1/2-1 medium onion per day.

      I wonder if I should go into detail about my experience of eating 2 CLUSTERS of garlic per day back in 2010? It ultimately sent me to the hospital and nearly got me fired from my job…

  8. Matt says:

    Wtf! That’s nuts! Can we coordinate a “Story Time with Juji” where you share stories of your experiments and whatnot? And yeah, it’s probably not an allergy as much as it was an overdose of onion. I’ll take your recommendation about lowering it to about 1/4 an onion. Thanks for the response man!

  9. Traindom says:

    Damnnn. First documented case of garlic drawing first blood!

    1. Jon Call says:

      I was prone to bad nosebleeds all my life before I had my nostrils cauterized. Anything that thinned my blood tended to make nosebleeds happen, and they were bad. Garlic thins the blood a lot. So if you start eating 2 whole clusters of garlic for dinner a day because you’re insane, and take aspirin regularly…. Then when you have a nosebleed it just may not stop bleeding. 45 minutes of nonstop bleeding is quite alarming.

      1. Jon Call says:

        Actually when I finally went to the hospital for it, it never did stop bleeding until I got help. It bled for an hour and a half nonstop until I got to the doctor. He gave me medicine and cauterized my nose on the spot to stop the bleeding.

  10. Gaurwraith says:

    USually one would chop the onion into tiny bits, along with the garlic cloves, put it into a dish with a couple sliced tomatos, pour a good deal of good olive oil, some salt, and enjoy, not puke. It’s part of mediterranean salads

  11. bob says:

    how long does that 25lbs of cinnamon last you? also since spices loses potency over time, is it cheaper to buy in smaller amounts frequently rather than in bulk?

    1. Jujimufu says:

      More than 2 years haha!

  12. Your place is valuable for me. Thanks!

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