Woke Premium Scented Smelling Salts
Woke Premium Scented Smelling Salts

Woke Premium Scented Smelling Salts

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We've done it. We've created the longest lasting, premium smelling salts product that the world needed. It smells pleasant and it addresses the common problems of other smelling salts products.

  • NO leaking or crusting around opening of bottle after long term use.
  • NO having to screw the cap back on after use.
  • NO wasted vapors when opened.





The most tactical, unique, interesting, fun, portable, longest lasting, cleanest, and most pleasant smelling salts product yet!

Is this the strongest smelling salts ever?!?!!!

No? AHHH!!! is the strongest smelling salts product. WOKE is a little milder than other smelling salts products (partly because the bottle opening is smaller)... However, WOKE kicks the shit out of other smelling salts products on several other fronts. Here are the reasons WOKE is better:

Pleasant smell

WOKE is scented! We are offering COFFEE and MENTHOL scents!

Note: Ammonia smelling salts are a respiratory irritant so the scent component can be overpowered by the ammonia component. To get the best hint of the scent you have to hold the bottle further from your nose and lightly whiff.

Doesn't leak or crust

Bottled smelling salts sometimes leak or crust around the opening of the bottle after continual use. It can be messy. This product doesn't do that because the opening of the bottle is a flip top that is easily opened and closed with the press of your thumb.

Convenient flip top opening

This is the best part of this product. The bottle is a flip top so you can open it, sniff it, close it and toss it aside faster than smelling salts in screw top bottles. Now you can inhale, chuck the bottle across the room like a crazy person, and hit the lift without having to dick around with a screw top bottle.

Most durable bottle

Let's be real, smelling salts are crazy and everybody goes a little crazy after using them. Part of the fun of smelling salts is the ritual of tossing the bottle aside after using them. WOKE is bottled in a durable plastic container that is safe to throw at walls. Combine that with the flip top seal and we've put the ritual back into smelling salts! Go ahead, try it! Take a sniff of WOKE and toss it at the wall before you lift! See how fun it is?!

Longest lasting

The flip top opening is a small port compared to the full neck of our other bottled products. This means that the power of the product is more easily controlled, and the product will last a lot longer!

No risk of over-doing it

Smelling salts bottled with screw top lids are hard to control, you have to control the power of the sniff by testing how far to hold the opening of the bottle from your nose and how big of a sniff to take. For some people, accidentally over doing it can cause excessive pain that distracts too much to help with athletic stuff. Honestly, it's not really healthy for the nasal passages when it hits too hard either. Personally, I like it when smelling salts hit me hard, but lots of people hate it.

With WOKE, the risk is eliminated because the user has to SQUEEZE the bottle to expel the ammonia vapors. This means that you can control the power of the ammonia by squeezing it either light or hard. Multiple squeezes = More power!

You're in control now!

With WOKE, you're in control now. Get the strength of the ammonia just right and enjoy the convenience and longevity of the most unique ammonia smelling salts product yet!