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When I was 32 I made it a goal to train everyday for a year. Train 365 is the book I wrote to document that experience. It is primarily a training psychology book in journal form.


  • Why I really decided to train everyday for a year.
  • How I cured my knees after years of pain and learned to squat again.
  • The worst thing for recovery that was meant for recovery.
  • What showed up on my blood work that could've killed me.
  • The breakfast change I made that was uncomfortable, but worked.
  • How many days a week is really the best? Is it everyday?
  • All star workout routines with the world's best.
  • How I PR'ed on deadlift for the first time in 3 years!
  • What really counts as training? How much? When?


  • 30+ detailed training logs from powerlifting, bodybuilding, flexibility and more.
  • 30+ journal entries covering many moods and phases of a year long training streak.
  • Comprehensive Q&A with practical advice you can implement immediately.
  • 150+ pages