OH! Dry Formula Smelling Salts


OH! Dry Formula Smelling Salts


OH! is the newest addition to our ammonia smelling salts line of products! It is a dry formulation. Oh! has the following advantages:

  • Will not leak (best for traveling or for your gym bag).
  • Less recharge time between uses.
  • More consistent strength.
  • Pleasant lemon scent.
  • Longest lasting.

OH! hits hard and we know you’ll love them!

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WHAT IS OH! (???)

OH! is our dry formulation ammonia smelling salts. The closest product in our line to OH! is our WOKE product; think of OH! like a stronger, larger WOKE without the flip top.

Will not leak

Our other smelling salts formulations are aqueous phase based products; depending on the temperature they can change back and forth from wet to dry. This means they are susceptible to leaking in high pressure or high temperature environments. Oh! will stay dry. It won’t leak in your gym bag or on an airplane.

Less recharge time between uses

When you open a bottle of smelling salts, the vapors that have been building up inside the bottle are what give you that jolt! You release them and BAM! The vapors need a few minutes to build back up after use for maximum potency. This is why the first use of the day is always the strongest, because the bottle had time to “recharge” the vapors. With OH! the ammonia is locked into finer material that releases the vapors more consistently and conservatively. This means there is less recharge time between uses, and less variation between hits. This is helpful if you share the bottle with your friends.

More consistent strength

Because the vapors are locked into finer material, this also means the strength is more consistent. Our AHHH!!! product is the strongest smelling salts in the world, but it can be a “loose cannon.” Sometimes it’s strong and sometimes it’s too strong. With OH! you won’t get caught off guard by random, super strong hits; every whiff of OH! is an expected, consistent strength.

Longest lasting

Because the ammonia in OH! is locked into a dry phase, it won’t lose potency as fast as other blends (as it was manufactured to full potency in the dry phase). This is not the same thing as an aqueous based ammonia drying out, it’s completely different. This means OH! will last even longer than our other ammonia smelling salts products.

Pleasant lemon scent

Every bottle of OH! has a pleasant lemon scent added. This is our favorite scent to add to ammonia based salts, so we decided to make it standard in this product.

Strength comparison

OH! is not as strong as AHHH!!! because nothing in the world is as strong as AHHH!!!

OH! is as strong as AWESOME SALTS, but hits different. The vapors in our AWESOME SALTS product typically “jump” out of the bottle; they’re faster escaping vapors. The vapors in OH! are slower, so you have to bring your nose down to them. This means less vapor waste and more control over the strength.


With continued use, ammonia smelling salts users form unique preferences. OH! was made to accommodate the needs and preferences of users that want strong, clean, reliable, refreshing hits of lemon scented ammonia they can depend on. OH!

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