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Jujimufu pants



The story of the pants

Back in 2012 I purchased a pair of pants called Brigade Trainers from Tenaga Sports. I’d never seen anything like them. Years later I noticed the company had disappeared, but I still had the contact details for the owner, Brian. I e-mailed Brian asking if he had any pairs left because my wife stole two of my own leaving me wondering “what happens if I lose my last pair?!” It turns out Brian had some pairs left! So I snagged some of his remaining stock after he stopped selling them. But then I thought “the world needs these pants if I need them this badly!” so I asked Brian if he’d like to do a joint venture to resurrect his brilliant training product. We started working together, to upgrade them and … well… Jujimufu’ize them! A year’s worth of efforts and now they are here, ready for their debut on jujimufu.com, soon to take over the world! You saw them here first!


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Sizing chart

If you’re on the border in between sizes, go down in size. Because every single size exchange we’ve done was requested because too big of a size was ordered. So go smaller if in doubt.

As a point of reference, I wear a size Large and I’m 5’10” height and 240 lbs. My dad (MufuDad) is 5’10”, 165 lbs and he wears a size Medium.  Also, if you order a pair, please read the washing / drying instructions.  The pants are to be “Line Dry” according to pants label (just hang them up on a clothes hanger after washing).  If you dry them in a clothes dryer, the split man logo will eventually peel off.  Also, I would advise to “shoe tie” the pant’s draw strings when they are washed.  This keeps them from being pulled out of the pants while being washed (believe me, this is good advice). One more thing… you are going to love these pants !!!!

Jujimufu pants sizing chart

Ammonia inhalant pocket?

My Jujimufu pants have a robust set of features that cater to lifting, tricking, stretching and any activity that requires the fullest ranges of motion. Appropriate for both men and women and as casual wear, these stylish, versatile, and super effective pants are going to win your heart! And, they are the only pair of pants on the market with a pocket that is positioned, sized, and designed specifically for ammonia inhalants! Now that’s crazy!


  • These are Flat-lock stitched. Anyone who knows a thing or two about garments knows that’s rare, because it’s such a difficult stitching process. Flat-locked stitching means “these are the shit” !!!
  • Material composition is 84% poly 16% elastane mixture. That means they won’t tear or wear.
  • Gusseted crotch and No-Catch Knees™ (yes, that’s trade marked!) Means these pants avoid the “knee-catch” of other pants. Train high-knee movements (kick as high as you want!) with an insane freedom of motion.
  • With elastic ankle, the pant can be converted to a “capri” style quickly. But more importantly, unlike other training pants that roll back down, these will stay put underneath the knee cap while training if desired. This is one of my most beloved features of these pants.
  • V-Taper™ (yes, also trade marked!): A pronounced taper from quad to ankle. Loose enough in the glute/ham area for well-muscled athletes yet tapered cleanly down over the calf to stay out of the way.
  • Temperature Control: As speed and strength training can require long rest periods between efforts, the material helps keep the lower body the same temperature during workout sessions.
  • Zippered-pockets that don’t get in the way. Avoid “pockets flying out” in spinning maneuvers (spin kicks) while keeping small workout items secure.
  • Special water-resistant pocket sized exactly to fit 2 ammonia inhalant ampules or pills. And positioned appropriately and discreetly near the crotch so these items do not get crushed (because that’s one of the last areas you want to get hit, right?)
  • Elastic waistband with extra long internal draw cord that resists getting trapped inside the waistband like smaller internal draw cords. Looks stylish too!
  • Ankle zips allow the pant to be converted to a more casual design, that can be worn over shoes. These ankle zips also make it easy to put on or take off knee sleeves if you wear them.
  • Zippers are highest quality, with locking feature and DTM (Dyed to Match) style color of pant.
  • Imported. 12.69 oz.

Additional information

Pant size

Large, Medium, Small, X-Large


Rage (Red w/grey), Agile (Grey w/red), Speed (Black w/grey), Precision (Grey), Power (Black), Swole (Navy w/black), Sculpt (Black w/lavender), Blaze (Black w/red)