Jigsaw Massage


Jigsaw Massage


Jigsaw massage is AWESOME

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Jigsaw Massage!?!

The Jigsaw Massage is my favorite self-massage tool! Any jigsaw can be used with the massage bits. If you already have a jigsaw, great! You just need the bits. If you don’t have a jigsaw, then you need one to cut wood. Don’t have wood that needs cut? That’s a lie.

Jigsaw Massage works!

Yes, it actually works! I’ve loosened up my Gluteus Medius during side split training and have gotten more working sets as a result. I’ve found relief from bicep tendinitis by using it on everything around my elbow. I’ve relieved tension headaches by pummeling my traps with it. I’ve jig-drilled my Sartorius muscle to take tension off my knees the day after heavy back squats. I’ve even used it on the Abductor hallucis to fight foot cramps. I keep finding new uses for it, this thing is great.

Jigsaw Massage suggestions

I use the Jigsaw massage two ways. The first way was suggested to me by Brian Shaw, 4x World’s Strongest man: a few minutes in the warmup for the working muscle group, and a few more times during the warmup in between warmup exercises. The second way I use it is for chronic problem areas: up to 10 minutes on one muscle group, light-medium pressure at a fast speed, switching between the bits and pairing with light movement and stretching exercises.

Jigsaw Massage is fun

It’s not only efficient and effective, it’s also fun! Get one!