Fran denim jeans


Fran denim jeans


I grew up wearing jeans

I wear them everyday for casual and work. It’s part of my culture and preference. However, since I’ve come to highly prize flexibility, I’ve found it difficult to reconcile my frequent need to use high mobility movements with the constriction of jeans. I could never find jeans that allowed me to move as freely as I desired, until Fran Denim reached out to me. I chit chatted with the CEO of the company in e-mails and agreed to test out his jeans with my famous chair split stunt. The fact that my legs are also big, this would be the ultimate test for these pants durability and mobility. I tried them and they were everything I’d ever wanted in a pair of jeans. They feel like denim, because they are! They are not like stretchy jean-like wannabe pants. And the mobility? Maximum! I FELL IN LOVE. These jeans aren’t just one of my favorite things to wear, they’re one of my favorite things in the world. One of my top 10 most beloved possessions.

I befriended Fran Denim

I pressured the CEO to team up with me, who is actually a magic genie. He doesn’t live in a lamp though. I needed to tell the world about this product and I needed his support. He’s given it to me and has fed me korean barbeque numerous times, because he likes to eat as much as he likes perfecting jeans. So, why do I wear jeans when I train? Because I have these jeans. They’re magic jeans, made by a magic genie.

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