2nd Wind Energy

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2nd Wind Energy

$28.00 $22.00

Strategic Energy Formula

2nd wind is an energy and focus complex with just a little caffeine (50 mg per serving), and a lot of other good stuff. I wanted something for evening workouts that wouldn’t keep me up all night. And I wanted a “top off” in case I’ve had a lot of caffeine but wanted a smidge more. I cherry picked some of my favorite ingredients and tried a few flavors and found Watermelon had the best taste profile.

Uses for 2nd Wind

  • A preworkout for evening workouts that won’t keep you up all night.
  • A “2nd helping” of preworkout without overdoing caffeine.
  • An energy complex that’s not just for working out!

Serving Size: 13 Grams (1 Scoop)
Servings Per Container: About 30

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