Kill training boredom

When was the last time you got some new music to listen to?  Remember the first time you heard a song that really pumped you up and became one of your favorites?  Did you get goose bumps?  You probably took it training with you and it helped you to dominate your session, it probably turned an otherwise “good” workout into an “awesome” workout.  What happened?  Music kills training boredom.

Statix X, Statix X training music

I rediscovered Static X last year and explored songs I hadn’t heard in their catalog.  This supercharged many of my training sessions.

How about the experience of landing a new trick?  Haven’t you ever had a “ho-hum” tricking session where you landed a new trick without intending to?  All of a sudden you had energy and motivation you never thought you had and you worked harder than you thought possible.  What a blast!  What happened, you did not have this energy before?  Surprise kill training boredom.

Jujimufu happy

I landed it! FUCK YEAH!

Why do you think strength training with bands and chains is becoming more popular?  Is it because it helps the joints, because it makes the exercise more effective?  Sure it can.  You want to know the real reason it’s popular though?  Try it yourself, it’s fucking fun!  Fun kills training boredom.  

Jujimufu tricep pulldown, tricep pulldown with bands

Tricep pulldown with bands

And that’s also why body builders do so many creative exercise variations and get good results from them.  Sure, they’re hitting the muscle from dozens of angles, but variety and creativity make training novel, so they end up unconsciously putting in a higher volume of work.  It’s like a buffet: “let’s try this angle, let’s add bands, let’s add fat grips, let’s change stances, let’s remove the eccentric portion of the lift.”  Trying all of these novelties eliminates boredom and results in a higher volume of work accomplished.   Novelty kills training boredom.

Creative EZ-curl bicep exercise

Banded, fat grip, EZ-curl barbell spider bicep curls with close grip. Try them, the pump is insane.

Try training in new outfits.  When you feel like a bad ass because you think you look cool, you perform better.  Owning the idea that you look great motivates you.  Beef up your training wardrobe and suddenly you’ll want to train sometimes exclusively as an excuse to wear cool training outfits.  Cool outfits kill training boredom.

Jujimufu zubaz tricking pants, tricking pants, zubaz pants

Crimson Zubaz pants + wrist bands + face paint = Just another Jujimufu outfit.

Try training in new places.  Or try training in a place you hadn’t trained at for a long time.  Cycle your training locations and you will feel an adrenaline rush and be more alert, and so less bored.  Training in new places kills training boredom.

Jujimufu plyo gym tricking

Tricking at a new gym named after my favorite trick? Aerial? AWESOME!

Try training with a partner or in a group if you don’t normally train with others.  When people come together to train, more ideas are thrown around: cool ideas and things to keep training interesting, or challenging (which keeps it interesting).  Train with partners and groups, even if only intermittently, and you will keep a higher level of interest in your training.  Training with others kills training boredom.

Jujimufu weight training, Mike Johnson IFBB pro

Jujimufu helping Mike Johnson with a drop set on a benched row.

Caffeine has many ergogenic advantages, but caffeine as a drug has a milliard of uses outside the training realms.  What’s one of them?  Helping people stay motivated during boring tasks. Make a cup of coffee, because Caffeine kills training boredom.

Jujimufu coffee, Mr. Strong

Jujimufu’s coffee mug is Roger Hargreaves’s Mr. Men character: Mr. Strong.

Kill boredom!

Brainstorm ways you can kill boredom in your training, right now, and then DO THEM.  NOW.  FUCKING DO THEM.

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