How to Gainer flash

This is a gainer flash kick using a j-step setup:

So a gainer is a back flip taking off one leg with momentum, and a gainer flash kick is just the same except you kick and land on that kicking leg. The j-step setup is just an angled entry that maximizes the return you get from the momentum you put into the trick.

What you need for the Gainer flash:

I recommend having a back flip. I feel that a flash kick is really helpful too, because on a flash kick you don’t tuck, and getting used to that is helpful for the gainer flash. If you don’t have a decent tricking background, and cannot backflip, you can still get this trick. I’ve known a few people who’ve gotten it before they could standing tuck. They just looked over their shoulder a bit to cheat the looking-backwards-thing that’s scary. If you don’t have the prerequisites for this trick you can try it anyway!

Progressing into a Gainer flash:

A natural progression would look like this: Within a month of landing your first back flips you should be able to do flash kicks. When you get your flash kick, you should be feeling capable of attempting gainer flashes within a month. Just start trying backflips with a pixie hop setup. This is also called a reverse gainer setup. See the first clips in the above video. Then, when you get the feel of that, start trying to kick and land on one leg.

How to Gainer flash step by step:


NO. Not yet! Go back you idiot!


Do you see my fist on the right side of the picture? Good.


I’m neurotic, all it takes is a white piece of fuzz on red plyo floor or a leaf to throw me into a hiatus. So get into the habit of not obsessing over the ground when working on this trick. Just take a quick survey of the place you will launch from, and then don’t look at it while you enter the trick, you’ll abort less… Or clear the terrain before you try it haha.


I’m already rearing my arms back in anticipation of the jump.


Look at my left leg taking a curvy step over my right leg. This is to help block the ground and turn horizontal momentum into vertical momentum.


This is the penultimate trick to focus on reducing your foot-ground contact time. The more momentum in your setup and the less time your base foot is in contact with the ground as you swing up into the flip, the higher your flip will be. Think quick and do it quick.


I am foolish.


Because of the J-step and my longish limbs, I swing my leg a bit from the outside and slightly around, instead of straight up into my body. See how it’s got slight angle?


Reiteration: Kind of kick slightly over your opposite shoulder…


Point your toes. Yes even on this trick, which can be hard to train yourself to do because you’ll fret over kicking the ground at setup, and because you can’t really land with your toes pointed, but do it for aesthetics. Do it for Cyanocobalamin.


You can buy Cyanocobalamin (Vitamin B-12) from most grocery stores, it’s cheap too. Buy a formula containing at least 1000 mcg per tablet.


Use a mortar and pestle to grind it into dust.


Dump it onto a clean surface and use a razor blade to form a line.


Shut one nostril with your finger and snort it through a straw inserted into the other nostril.


This drastically increases bioavailability of an important B-Vitamin. Enjoy the pink boogers you’ll be picking out of your nose for the remainder of the day.


Look behind you and arch, spot the ground underneath you. You can keep your head neutral later if you want, but when learning the gainer flash, and for fun and even for the aesthetic of it, look back and arch!


Damn I disappeared.


Notice that when I do this, my body kind of turns aside and the kick angles itself over. This is not the same as a straight gainer where you have to clear the whole body by kicking straight into your gut.


Consciously split your legs apart in the air as you…


Don’t Photoshop me into that fucking gym!


Land with your chest up if you can, and pay attention to what momentum you have left over and where it’s going. There is a whole slew of stuff you can do out of this trick and with this trick.


Ok I quit.


I gotta get out of here before Jujimufu tutorial writer makes another stupid slide of me.

Quick tips for Gainer flash:

When you start to get this trick, you might be confused about what is actually making the movement work. I encourage you to try this trick on your other side too, to help you understand the play of forces working to make the move effective.

The best way to improve this trick is to do it quicker. Less hesitation at takeoff, shorter foot-ground contact time, quicker kick, shorter amount of time between each piece of the trick. Again, I know this sounds like a lame tip, but it’s true. You can spend a lot of time messing with angle of entry, alignment, direction of force etc; but you will probably have the best results simply trying to speed the whole thing up. And speed just takes practice.

As you begin to speed up your gainer flash, begin working on entering it with more momentum and and learning to control this additional momentum. This is the last thing you should do (in my opinion) to improve your gainer flash, more momentum is the finishing touch. Watch out for wet grass too! And glass. Watch out for wet glass!

You want the Gainer flash

The gainer flash is one of the tricks I’ve kept since I’ve gotten it. After long breaks from tricking, it’s always one of the very first tricks I return to. I feel this is one of the most simple, valuable, satisfying and beautiful tricks there is. It’s my #1 trick to do for non-tricksters, because it seems to impress them a lot while distinguishing what I do from gymnastics and martial arts; It’s also the easiest trick to do for that purpose. This trick is also useful for combos, has a lot of variations, and serves as a prerequisite for a lot of tricks. It’s safe, and a good warm up trick too once you build it up. If the 540 Kick is the king of kicking tricks, the Gainer Flash is the king of flipping tricks. You want this trick.

9 Replies to “How to Gainer flash”

  1. peter says:

    I concur with speed being the main factor. I found this to be a vital technical component in most tricks for getting height or even just get your body to do the right thing X)

  2. Ash crane says:


    I have huge trouble spotting over my shoulder because it makes me go into a spin, anyway I can improve this move whilst spotting backwards over my head?

    Reference video of my last session:

    Annoyingly I find it easier to cork than flash:

    Thanks juji!

    1. Jon Call says:

      Hi Ash,

      You aren’t blocking well. If you’re doing a gainer flash right you should take off and land almost in the same spot. You’re kind of flying off to the side. Watch this tutorial from Dogen for more information on blocking:

  3. Ash crane says:

    Awesome! Thanks juji I’ll check it out and see how I can apply.

  4. Retta says:

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