Getting back into tricking

When getting back into tricking after a long break, you need to shift your training strategy, goals, and expectations.

1. Your new training strategy

Your new training strategy is this: only do tricks that FEEL good to you. If you really want your gainer flash back, then work prerequisites that don’t hurt or feel awkward. Do things that feel “right”. Trust me, all the cool moves you used to do WILL come back, but you need to ease back into it. There is no better way of easing back into tricking than going out for a session and just doing things that simply FEEL good, and stopping before you exhaust yourself.

2. Your new tricking goal

Your new tricking goal when you are “getting back into tricking” is this: trick to FEEL better. The mobility work, the barefooted’ness, the outdoors, the jumping, the sweating and breathing: its exercise and its fun and its healthy.  When you are getting back into tricking your goal should NOT be to land moves you did before, it should be to FEEL better.  To FEEL great!

3. Your new tricking expectations

As weeks pass while you ease back into tricking, you should expect this: to FEEL better each session.  If you aren’t FEELing better after a few weeks then you need to change something.

Okay so we have a theme

The theme is this, trick to feel better, expect to feel better each subsequent week of tricking, and do tricks that feel good and only do them as long as they continue to feel good.  Acclimate your body to minimal, albeit progressive, tricking stresses.  Get used to getting tricking back into your routine.  It’s very important simply to “show up” and “make time” for tricking, even if you only do a few moves and mainly stretch.  Keep doing this for 2-6 months and before you know it you will already be back into tricking! It’ll be worth it, I promise you. There are few things as enviable as healthy tricking!

Jujimufu getting back into tricking

4 Replies to “Getting back into tricking”

  1. Tats says:

    Love this little article. I can relate. Longer breaks and comebacks = reborn and fresh themes for tricking!

    1. Jon Call says:

      Take a No-Season at the end of the year, you’re due for one Tats. 😉

  2. Svein says:

    Hey Jon!

    From the age of 17 to 20 i tricked quiet a lot and it was all I could think about. Then strength training got my interest and I started with different body weigth exercises like dips, push- ups, chin- ups and sit- ups. When I became 23 I started with weight training and I have been doing this to present. I am 29 years old by the way. I did not completely quit tricking but it has been very fragmented with only short periods of tricking during the summer holiday. I love weight training and I have lately felt a force inside me telling me to really start to push some limits when it comes to tricking and go all in. The problem is that i love weigth training and i find it difficult to just cut it out. I am not that young anymore so if I want to get my tricking to the next level it would require me to focus on this for a full year. Today I tried some tricking again and it´s been a while :P. My technique at the moment is not much to brag about. I feel heavie because of the muscularity and of course clumsy. I started on a bachelor degree in human movement science in 2008 and finished 2011 then I started on a bachelor degree in physical therapy which i´m finished with in 2015. This has stolen a lot of energy and made me loose a lot of gains because of the yearly periods with exams. I would love to just train all day long but this is of course not possible. What would you do if you´d been in my shoes? Would you focus exclusively on tricking for one year or would you do weight training in addition ?

    Regards norwegian powerlifter

  3. Josiah says:

    Hello, I’m not Jon but that’s amazing what you’ve done so far. Not trying to but into a conversation but whats helped my equalizing of tricking and lifting was doing split routines instead of full body workouts for lifting. Still saw the strength and muscle gains but split routines made my training schedule much less stressful and more manageable. Good luck.

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