Cripple tricking lists

That problem you conquered years ago resurfaces and cripples you again out of nowhere, and then goes away tomorrow. What the hell? This happens a lot, especially as you get more experienced. Little aches and pains that just pop up in the middle of a session. Sometimes recurring, sometimes new, often just fleeting problems. But it still doesn’t change the fact they can ruin an entire training session! What can you do?

Keep training

You can keep training if you can just think of things that do no aggravate the problem. But now is not the time to think, and the pain is distracting. Your body is rapidly cooling down while you’re worrying. If only you had a list prepared of things you could do when you feel crippling pain.  Oh wait! Good idea!


Cripple tricks lists

Create a list of tricks and trick combos you can do if you begin feeling a particular pain. Here are some simple examples of individual tricks,

Pain in my left foot

This pain hurts mostly when I land on it.

  • I can do: Right side a-switch (doesn’t involve left foot at all).
  • I can do: Right side gainer switch (doesn’t involve left foot at all).
  • I can do: Masterswipe (barely involves left foot).
  • I can do: Sideswipe (barely involves left foot).
  • I can do: Ch.720 kick (barely involves left foot).
  • I can do. BHS flash on right leg (only involves left foot during jump).
  • I can do: Flash kick on right leg (only involves left foot during jump).

Pain below my right knee cap

This pain hurts mostly during takeoff.

  • I can do: Left side a-switch (doesn’t involve right knee at all).
  • I can do: Left side b-twist (doesn’t involve right knee at all).
  • I can do: Right side 540 kick (barely involves right knee).
  • I can do: Left side masterswipe (only involves right knee during landing).
  • I can do: Left side hypertwist (only involves right knee during landing).

Pain in right hamstring

This pain hurts mostly when it is stretched.

  • I can do: Left side Ch. 720 kick (doesn’t stretch right hamstring at all).
  • I can do: Left side cork (doesn’t stretch right hamstring too much).
  • I can do: Double leg (doesn’t stretch right hamstring too much).
  • I can do: Sideswipe (doesn’t stretch right hamstring too much).

Compounding cripple lists

However, in the real world, most tricksters are walking around with several problems. For example, what if you are experiencing two pains at once? One in your left ankle and one in your right hamstring? Then you have to be very creative!

Pain in both left foot and right hamstring

  • I can do: Sideswipe (doesn’t aggravate either pain).
  • I can do: Ch. 720 kick (doesn’t aggravate either pain).
  • I can do: Ch. 720 kick to Sideswipe combo (yes! aha!).

Keep a running log of cripple lists

To make the cripple tricks list idea work you have to actually have some lists made before you encounter a problem. Duh.  Also, consider combining Cripple tricking with Quantricking and One trick pony sessions. These are great methods of tricking when you are facing fierce limitations due to pain and injury. Ambitricking is also an attractive option for future proofing your tricking: because if you learn a lot of tricks on your other side when you are healthy, that gives you a lot more to work with when you aren’t. Hopefully your cripple lists don’t grow too large, that would mean you’re crippled all the time haha! To read more about injuries, check out my write up Jujimufu on Injuries.

10 Replies to “Cripple tricking lists”

  1. Armando says:

    i think that ambidextrous tricking is the best “insurance” for when you are injuried, because sometimes when you have pain in your ankle for take offs you can still use it for swings and viceversa, and if you can only do swing thrus from one feet and jump from the other you’re pretty much fucked.

  2. Josiah says:

    Funny but true story: Becoming ambidextrous in tricking made me want to be ambidextrous at everything. Now I can right with two hands at the same time. Everyone who watches me write like that just stare at me in a WTF face, lol. Ambidextrous is a resourceful way to live life.

    1. Jon Call says:

      It’s not common for people your age to start writing with both hands haha. Usually if someone is going to start doing that they start doing it before 10 I thought? That’s pretty impressive man.

    2. Etty says:

      I do agree with some of the comments about the bookcase making you look a bit shorter – but I am really short and tend to assume everyone is taller than me. I am actually surprised to find out that a lot of the bloggers I follow are short too. Well, not you obyviuslo.

    3. G:Tambien a mi me encantan estas galletas. Si yo pudiera tener mi trabajo ideal, seria escribiendo mensajes para galletas de la suerte =)Sonará extraño, pero tampoco recuerdo tener pendiente algún logro =(

  3. Josiah says:

    Hahaha, thanks. For some reason, things that are perfectly symmetrical and being perfectly symmetrical make me unusually satisfied. Or my left and right hemisphere of my brain are competitive with each other, lol.

  4. Francesco Caban says:

    When you visited and I strained my hamstring, the only thing that aggravated it was aggressive scoots and lunges, so I just backed off those and within two weeks back to normality, the one thing that can sometimes hold me back is my left knee, but that is entirely dependent on good technique on take offs and landings or over training, thanks to timing my training and getting plenty of nutrients as well as better sleeping habits the only thing I encounter know is a occasional rib being misplaced, which a short trip to the chiro can fix and so long as a stay warm it won’t hold me back to much.

    1. Jon Call says:

      The ring session was much more fun anyway haha

  5. Taegashi says:

    What about back injuries? I think that is a pretty comprehensive pain that takes out quite a bit of tricks. The only thing I can think of is just to work on focused stretching.

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